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Da: a.06/02/2007 19:30:53
I also thought that these conversations are not much (very) useful on (for the)  purpose of our proofs, or else out-waying (misleading), because the exam do not provide (doesn't require to write) for writing in form of conversation but in form of composition or essay. Are you agree? (do you agree?)

My answer is:
You might be right, but writing compositions would steal too much time from other subjects.

Da: Laura06/02/2007 19:32:52
Thanks a. I'd like to believe in your word... but I've a lot of doubts about my english skills...
I have to remember the correct use of present continuous.. thath is a mistake I made also at school's times!

Angoscia, my preparation is objectively a partial one...
For the instant panic hasn't caught me yet, but I've made an appointament with it for next week...

Da: Angoscia Fugace06/02/2007 19:43:37

Think... the last time when I learned english language at school has been thirty years ago.
Then, nothing.

Da: uno che vi legge06/02/2007 20:49:11
scusate la mia intrusione.
comporre=mettere insieme, ricomporre, unire, riunire, combinare, aggiungere, aggiustare, disporre, ordinare,ecc....;
a mio parere non è la stessa cosa del tema a schema libero in cui uno, data la traccia,  può usare delle frasi che potrebbero andare bene in contesti diversi. probabilmente è per questo che non hanno parlato di tema.
Oppure, più semplicemente, mi sto sbagliando e allora vi prego di non badare a questo post.
good luck!

Da: Angoscia Fugace06/02/2007 20:54:47

When I attended primary school the term "composizione" meant "tema".
So, perchance the compilators of exam-band are very old persons.

Da: uno che vi legge06/02/2007 21:32:10
I wonder......

E' disponibile l'App ufficiale di Mininterno per Android.
Scaricala subito GRATIS!

Da: 100pcient06/02/2007 22:06:01

Access and accessibility

Accessibility must be held distinct from access: the latter means the real possibility of reading (consulting) or acquiring (obtaining, receiving, achieving) government information electronically, while the first means the ease with which one can actually make use of this possibility.

Da: uno che vi legge06/02/2007 22:36:20
Idle gossip!

Da: Laura06/02/2007 23:33:56
think that last time I studied "diritto privato", I was attendig the first year of course at the university... more or less twelve years ago... while you have a deep knowledge of the subject.
I fear mine is a bigger problem than yours!

Are you choosing your vocabulary according to your pretended age?
A few authors, after Shakespeare, have used "perchance".

Da: Angoscia Fugace06/02/2007 23:55:47

Yes, I like old terms.
However, I suppose that I am able to undertake only private and administrative essays. About the other ones I have many doubts.

Da: Cientpcient07/02/2007 09:29:52
When the internet began, 'net' became a new prefix. We had words like, 'net news' and 'net speak' and all sorts of things like that. And then it became a suffix as well, hyper net, news net and so on.

And then blends started to appear, with a familiar word changed. So we had 'netizen' - that is, a citizen of the internet, an internet citizen, netizen for short, somebody who lives their whole life there. And these people are also called 'netties', or 'netters' or even 'net-heads', I've heard.

And then we get 'netiquette' - the conventions which govern acceptable behaviour when engaging in internet dialogue. The etiquette of internet, netiquette, especially used in emailing and chat rooms. Many sites actually offer guidance about how to behave linguistically.

There's a joke about this which relies on that little symbol, you know, the @ symbol, which you use in your email address, david.cystal @ so and so dot com. Here's the joke: How do you know you're a real netizen?
Answer: When all of your friends have an @ in their names!

Da: 100pcient08/02/2007 21:08:20
to my mind / etc

In my view, from my point of view, in my opinion are all fairly formal ways of expressing your opinion characteristic of written English. Less formal equivalents more characteristic of spoken English, include the following:

to my mind: to emphasise that this is your opinion
reckon: usually to express an opinion about what Is likely to happen
feel: to express a strong personal opinion
if you ask me: to express an opinion that may be critical
to be honest (with you): to express a critical opinion without seeming rude
as far as I'm concerned: to express an opinion that may be different from others'

    * To my mind the quality of their football is just not good enough.

    * I reckon it'll rain later today. Let's go tomorrow.

    * I feel she shouldn't be getting married so young.

    * If you ask me, it's unreasonable to pay for something which should be free.

    * To be honest (with you), I'm surprised you got into university with such low grades.

    * As far as I'm concerned, the matter is over and done with and we can now move forward.

Da: Angoscia Fugace08/02/2007 22:58:12

I'm sklering = typical youth expression

Da: Laura09/02/2007 20:21:47
Let's write also here that the proofs' calendar has been confirmed.
In this way the topic woludn't disappear at the bottom of the page....

Da: MarcoS09/02/2007 21:23:14
and let's write I'm quite sure I won't win as well, by this way I can show you I'm disappearing at the bottom of the bottom...

Da: Laura10/02/2007 10:51:50
I can't understand the meaning of your sentence...
I'm not talking about the translation from English to Italian, but about the sense... while should you "disappear at the botton of the bottom"?

Da: MarcoS10/02/2007 11:36:26
I was joking laura, When reading your sentence i thought "I'm so depressed because I have no hope: Let's express this feeling by using the same words of her latest message". By saying I'm disappearing at the bottom of the page (as well as this topic) I wish to say nothing but I'm without hope. I realize the meaning might be dark, as well as the meaning of other sentences of mine: this is just the reason because I don't trust in me.

Da: MarcoS10/02/2007 15:02:56
...the reason why

Da: 100%10/02/2007 15:22:08
For Laura:

From my experience, learning foreign language is an activity with a very âhigh return on investment,â metaphorically speaking. Here are some of the benefits I see in learning foreign languages:

1- It makes you a better citizen of the world. You cannot understand a culture without understanding its language. How could someone pretend to understand the French culture even a little, if they donât speak French? How could someone pretend to understand the American culture even a little, if all they did was to travel in America with an interpreter. They wouldnât. And how can someone pretend to be a real âcitizen of the worldâ if they understand only one language â" one culture?

2- It makes you understand your own language better. Itâs true. To learn to speak and write better French (my native language), I had to learn Spanish! By going through the process of learning another language, you understand the structure of your own language a lot better.

3- Youâll gain respect from foreigners. Letâs face it, as North Americans (or Canadians, Germans, Danes, etc.), we are inevitably viewed as âgringos,â or whatever the term may be in the local tongue, when we travel abroad. That is: unknowing, crude and rich white barbarians from the North. If you learn the language of the country where youâre going to â" even if itâs just the basis â" man, youâll have doors open for you and see smiles youâve never seen before. When you go to a foreign country and donât try to speak the language, itâs like saying: âI donât really care about you and your culture, Iâm just coming over to enjoy your natural resources with the easy money I make back home.â It doesnât matter if itâs true or not â" thatâs what they often perceive. If you learn their language, youâre saying, âHey, Iâm interested in your culture, I have a tremendous respect for it.â And what youâll get in return is a fantastic value in understanding and human contacts.

4- You'll gain professional advantage. We no longer live in the same world as our parents did. In todayâs highly competitive professional of open market, the knowledge of foreign languages is often essential. Here in Montreal, many companies now require that their employees speak some Spanish. Iâm sure itâs the same in the US. If you start learning foreign languages, youâll get an immediate asset that you can pull out in the right circumstances.

5- You'll get unexpected benefits. Everybody who learns foreign languages has their own stories about how speaking another languages helped enrich their lives. It could be new friends, love, and tons of little day-to-day benefits that you canât even begin to imagine right now.

Da: Gennaro10/02/2007 15:39:09
Hi guys,

Your english has been improving dramatically over the last month, the competition has been hugely increasing and I am very worried because I do not Know how to cope with the essay. I'm non concerned about dictionary because my vocabulary is quite rich and I have a good command of English grammar. My concern is about the topic the essay will be about. We have got 5 hours, but how long should it be? Let's pretend that the essay will be on Biogenetics, I would cast some doubts  on being able to write such an essay even in Italian. And What about Sport and Violence? Folks, I am very worried.............

Da: Gennaro10/02/2007 15:47:01
I cannot sleep anymore, I am very tired. What I study in the morning I forget in the afternoon. I feel very stupid and I cannot image how to cope with such difficult tests. I have been studying diritto privato for since the last april but I am always unsatisfied of what I actually know......Uagliù nun c'a'facc'chiù...................

Da: Laura10/02/2007 16:54:05
why have you became so pessimist? According to what I've red until today, you are one of the person who has the highest chances to pass the examination.

are you trying to make me fail the examination? For what reason have you posted expressly for me an article written by a French person (I exclude either you are French or you live in Montreal....)?
In my opinion there some mistakes. Concerming the the the topic... I agree that studying foreign langauges is an important thing. And I really like it. I'd prefer spending ten hours in studying English or French than ten minutes in studyng law.... but unfortunately there are 8 other subjects in this examination!!!

think that I've been studying dirito privato since yesterday... 

Da: 100%10/02/2007 18:22:20
x Laura:

volevo solo  evidenziarti i vantaggi dello studio di una lingua straniera; x il resto sono convinto che nella terza prova farai benissimo, se continui così.


Da: Laura10/02/2007 19:44:26
I'm joking... but in English I'm not able to transmit the sense of humor....
Thank you for your encouragement.

Da: 100%10/02/2007 21:05:58
Of course, I'm joking too :)

But it is true: learning a foreign language can open a lot of possibilities, apart from this public competition :)

Da: MarcoS11/02/2007 11:36:59
Da: Laura 10/02/2007 16.54.05
why have you became so pessimist? ...

Laura, I thank you but you are wrong, My knowledge of juridical issues is not good enough, and even in the case I can pass the first proof, I can never get a good mark in the third one.
That's well, it shall have been a good experience, and I will wait for next competition.

Da: Laura11/02/2007 13:08:30
ehm... i should have written "become" and not "became"...

Anyway, in my very humble opinion, your English is improving fast.

Da: MarcoS12/02/2007 21:18:59
I've started writing some messages in English to a friend of mine, who lives in uk; he said that my english is very awful, but he can understand what I write.
Voi direte: chissenefrega?
Era tanto per scrivere una cosa...

Da: 100pcient12/02/2007 21:52:50
Hi MarcoS,

I don't believe that your English is so bad; on the contrary, I think you will make a good essay.

see us

Da: MarcoS13/02/2007 13:18:24
Hi 100,

It seems that you are in fond of MG, isn't it, old marpion?

I'm not sure at all I can make a good essay, and even in the case this would happen, I still have some problem about the first proof too. But I'm glad because I met some new top public manager in here.

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