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Da: clift19/01/2007 13:44:44
I think the right word's dictionary, not vocabulary

Da: ale19/01/2007 14:12:34
sorry...you're right..it's not vocaboulary...but vocabulary...anyway, dictionary is the same...

Ok...what about the death penalty....I haven't any idea (o ideas) about it...I only think that it's an awfull behavior...no one can decide if someone can or can't go on living...maybe, I'm conditional on my religion opinion...I'm against the death penalty...and there is no reason that could justify that.

Recently, on december 2006, Saddam was hanged and this event opened a debate and a great division in public opinion.
There was a lot of polemic about the USA's position in this episode.
...and so on...

what about you?

Da: ale19/01/2007 16:01:07
...nobody answered me...
maybe, you don't agree with me....or maybe you're studing and you thimk that i'm loosing my time...

Da: a.19/01/2007 16:10:35
Hi there! I see this topic is becoming more and more interesting...
X MarcoS: when he suggests me (instead of suggest to me)
in every sentence or in all sentences (or, better, in each sentence)
our own (own alone means possess)
And, finally, I must admit my own mistake as to the title of the movie I named yesterday: it was "back (not return) to the future".

X Ale: could I give some tips?
Vocabulary is generally used to refer to the words you now. A dictionary is a book where you can find the meaning of words.
I'd prefer "I have no idea" to "I haven't any ideas".
Awful, with just one "l".
I'm conditioned by (not conditional on): in passive verbs always use the preposition "by" before the name that would be the subject if the sentence where in the active form (our complemento d'agente o di causa efficiente)
controversy could be more suitable than division
I think in "the" public opinion is right instead of "in public opinion"
And, finally, I don't think you can use the saxon genitive after USA: you could say "the american position" or "the position of the USA" or "the USA position" instead of "the USA's". It's safer to use the saxon genitive for people and pets only.
P.s.: since english isn't my mother language I make mistakes as anybody else. Please, if you find any, correct me!!!
Bye everybody!!!

Da: ale19/01/2007 16:32:36
dear a. thank you.
you're really kind and polite.
now, i'm at work, but i'm going home...
so, have a nice w.e.
we'll see monday morning...
mi raccomando....continue to speake and write in english

Da: a.19/01/2007 16:41:48
x maryluise: l'indirizzo che ti serviva è Via Marsala 94. La libreria è la Edizioni Simone, come avevi intuito.

E' disponibile l'App ufficiale di Mininterno per Android.
Scaricala subito GRATIS!

Da: maryluise19/01/2007 17:23:22
grazie a.,sxo di trovarlo lì!lo so ke questa finestra è dedicata all'inglese, ma vorrei kiederti qualcosa di economia?hai approfondito qualke argomento in particolare o hai fatto tutto???i believe that you have many chances to win this game..(concorso??!!!?)now, i 'm studying costituzionale, titolo V, it's very important!!bye bye and thanks.

Da: a.19/01/2007 18:17:01
xmaryluise: ho fatto tutto, con particolare attenzione a temi quali inflazione, debito pubblico, disoccupazione, mercati non concorrenziali, ntervento pubblico nell'economia e suoi limiti.

Da: MarcoS19/01/2007 20:40:08
Ok, I tryed to divide the conversation in two topics, but I failed...
Let's talking about wathever you want, law, economics, politics,Saddam, Maradona and cookery

I congratulate with you because you have already studied economics

someone already suggested us which is the correct translation of "concorso", but I can't remember who he/her is, neither where the post is

ale, I didn't answer beacuse I wasn't connected to internet

I wrote what follows by using Word, so that my orthographic mistakes has been automatically corrected. Obviously the grammatical ones still remain. This would be the beginning of my paper whether the topic was about the death-penalty

Since around the world the death-penalty is disappearing, debating on it seems to be out-dated and no current longer in its scope. Nowadays, many countries which adopted the capital punishment in the past, have removed it from their regulations.
Nevertheless, recently new arguments for and against that law has been stimulated by the death-sentence that has been inflicted to the Middle-East leader Saddam Hussein. This event lets polemics arise among politicians and opinion-leaders, and among common people too, but I believe that focussing just on the single case wouldnât be useful; indeed, I believe that, by doing so, one canât drop out from the argument his personal conviction of ethical and political nature. Approaching to the issue by adopting a point of view as neutral as possible would be a better choice. But It can easily be understood that this can reveal a more difficult approach to be followed.
I believe that this difficult can partially be removed by starting from the following consideration: when talking about the opportunity of a punishment like that, we ought to consider first its scope of application.
First of all, It must be understood how much the death-penalty may be useful in order to avoid crimes inside a single country.
On the other hand, we have to debate on its opportunity in an international context (for instance, when talking about the punishment to be inflicted in cases such that Iâve remembered above). So, I will develop my argument by adopting two different points of view.
Iâll start from analysing the costs and the benefits related to the death-penalty inside a single nation: this is where I hope I can follow a neutral approach. After having done this, Iâll proceed by considering the opportunity of the death-penalty inside the international regulation, and this is where weâll get near the current affairs. Of course, this second step will involve, on the contrary, a non-neutrality of the opinions that will be expressed.

Che vâaggia ricere... è venuta âna schifezza

and Iâve written this in more than half an hourâluckily we shall dispose of five hours; maybe that, by training day by day, I can write one little page and make only 30-40 mistakes when the doomsday will arrive, so that I can get 70.... by adding the marks of my three exams, of course. I donât know whether I have to laugh or I have to cry.
Iâm studying grammar from the book I never opened when I still was a young student. Today, Iâve completed the seventh chapter, and I know what âthe pencil is on the tableâ means.
Can I quote John Lennon? âHelp me, help me, help meâ

IDEA! It is not stated on the notice that has been released by the sspa that one couldnât use a CD players...

Da: MarcoS19/01/2007 20:52:41
Let's talk, Let vuole sempre l'infinito...

Da: MarcoS19/01/2007 20:58:00
Da: annunziata 19/01/2007 10.42.52
Dear All,

...I wish you all the best for the competition (concorso)...

Da: veronica19/01/2007 22:28:35
for marcos
i read your idea about the composition of dealthy penalty, ed now i ask myself......how many pages we'll write for this composition? what do you think of it?i 'll be able to write only one page if i'll be lucky!!!!!.......i'm very afraid but i'll not let go!!!!!!!!
well, now i return to my national accounting's book.......the budget wait me!!!!

Da: KLINS0319/01/2007 22:53:28

Lo dicevo, col 95% si passava ...

Ora però  spero in una proroga (grazia).

Good night to you :)

Da: Laura19/01/2007 22:53:33
How many pages to write?
this is really an interesting question...

it's a matter of fact that in a long composition, there are more possibilities to make mistakes thn in a shorter one...
but a short one could be considered too poor to have 70.

So... which is the correct lenght?
do you think that the commission panel (Annnunziata... thank you for the new word) we'll suggest us a number of words or line?

Da: epuccioppo19/01/2007 23:58:35
I think not, we'll decide by ourselves... anyway, I guess four or five pages should be enough; you could even fill the sixth one, while writing more would maybe too much.

Please correct my mistakes as well! "Would maybe too much" or "would maybe be too much"? "Fill" or "fill in"? "To be" or "not to be"? This is the question!

Da: persona normale20/01/2007 00:14:23
secondo me non state bene

Da: a.20/01/2007 00:19:55
x eppuccippo: "might be too much " would be a suitable sentence.
Goodnight everybody!!

Da: Orwell198420/01/2007 00:23:48
for eppuccioppo
...would be too much, maybe.
I think.

Hi folks. I red some messages from the outset, without replaying.
But, this thread is becoming very interesting.

I suggest to translate some features about current events from televideo, you don't ?

Da: Orwell198420/01/2007 00:25:06
for istance:

Dal Mondo
Un test missilistico condotto dalla Cina, che ha distrutto un suo vecchio satellite, ha creato allarme in molti Paesi, fra cui gli Stati Uniti. "Riteniamo che il test non si accordi con lo spirito di cooperazione cui aspirano i due Paesi" ha detto un portavoce americano. Protestano anche Giappone, Australia e Canada. Si teme una nuova corsa agli armamenti spaziali: il test cinese è considerato una minaccia per i satelliti spia americani. Pechino non conferma il test e getta acqua sul fuoco: la Cina, afferma, "usa lo spazio solo a scopi pacifici".

Da: Orwell198420/01/2007 00:38:46
I suggest to translate some features about current events from televideo, don't you  ?

From the world:

A hunger allarm is been made by China, that has coducted a missile test throught wich has been destroyed a his old satellite. "We think the test is contrary to cooperation spirit wich aim our conutries" said a american official spokesman...

Da: clift20/01/2007 00:47:44
For epuccioppo
Four or five pages??? You are joking...

The recent death of Saddam Hussein caused a great discussion in world's public opinion. Hussein's death has been filmed and than broadcasted by TV stations all over the world. The governments of many european countries  piped up it. They said it was an act against human rights.
I think many people thought the same and it's quite surprising.
Hussein was a violent and bloody dictator, and so: why does his death appear so unfair? I think it showed us a simple true: the death of a man who can't defense himself is always unfair, even Hussein's death....

STOP!!! It required me more than 20 minutes... 2 minutes for each line...
I have a question for a., the last question, I promise.
I know we should read an english grammar and I'm reading may "practical english grammar", but I can't found the answer I need. Which is the exact translation of "... così..(aggettivo)... che..."
For example the sentence: "sono così affamato che mi mangerei un bue" could be translated in "I'm so hungry that I'd eat a cow" or this sentence sounds too much Italian?
Good night to everybody

Da: Giorgia7820/01/2007 08:17:13
Hello, boys and girls,
There I am too!
Excuse me for my English....very, very elementary....but I am attempting to make progress, also our help.
Bay bay and good studing at all!

Da: Orwell198420/01/2007 09:43:56
errata corrige:

A hunger allarm is been made by China, that has coducted a missile test throught wich has been destroyed  his old satellite. "We think the test is contrary to cooperation spirit wich aim our conutries" said an american official spokesman...

Da: a.20/01/2007 09:51:14
x Clift: that's correct.  "I'm so hungry that I'd eat a cow"
xGiorgia78: I'm trying to make some progress (or to improve); bye bye (instead of "bay", which means "baia"); studying (instead of studing).

Da: Orwell198420/01/2007 10:55:26
errata corrige II:

A hunger allarm is been made by China, that has coducted a missile test throught wich has destroyed  its old satellite. "We think the test is contrary to cooperation spirit wich aim our conutries" said an american official spokesman...

Da: a.20/01/2007 11:12:58
xOrwell1984: What do you mean by "hunger (fame) al(l)arm (just one "l")"?
has been made (never use to be as an auxiliary verb in the past perfect)
"the cooperation spirit our countries aim to"

Da: Orwell198420/01/2007 12:05:54
thanks a.

errata corrige III:

A huger (the word HUGE means GREAT, VAST, WIDE, LARGE, ENORMOUS - comparativo di maggioranza HUGER, is it right?) alarm HAS been made by China, that has coducted a missile test throught wich has destroyed  its old satellite. "We think the test is contrary to cooperation spirit wich might be the ultimate aim of our conutries" said an american official spokesman...

there are further mistakes?

Da: Orwell198420/01/2007 12:07:22

are there further mistakes?

Da: a.20/01/2007 12:18:20
xOrwell: Provided that huge means enormous, I think you can't use it in comparative/superlative forms.

Da: Laura20/01/2007 12:31:14
it was also a doubt of mine (ha un senso questo frase??). 
But anyway, hug"er" than what? i think you should have a term of comparison tu use a comparative form.

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