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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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Yes, I'd very much ... that.   appreciate
Yesterday ....... was very sunny outside.   it
Yesterday morning I ... angry because they ... late.   was / were
You can say that someone will have "an easy ride":   if you think that they will achieve something without difficulty
You cannot rely ... that person. He is not trustworthy   on
You like milk in your tea, .......?   don't you
You must go .......   mustn't you?
You must not drink and then ... a car.   drive
You read the following newspaper headline: "Get away for less". The article will be about...   a low-cost travel offer
You said you would .......   didn't you?
You shouldn't have done that, .......?   should you
You'd better take a taxi. ..., you'll arrive late.   Otherwise
You'd rather I kept quiet about it, .......?   wouldn't you
You'll notice that as soon as the children come home from school, the dog will jump up and show its great ....... for them.   affection
Young men ... ... glory and riches   dream/of
You've got a bad cold.I think you ______ stay home today.   should