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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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Tell the students ________ about the exam.   not to worry
Tell your son ________ about the exam.   not to worry
Thanks for remembering my birthday, but you........bought me a present.   shouldn't have
That stupid dog ....... all day long.   is always barking
That's a good question but I need ... to think about it.   time
That's better I've got a clearer ........   view now
The adjective "ancient" is the opposite of:   modern
The adjective "good" becomes ..... as an adverb   well
The boss was good enough to ....... my mistake.   overlook
The brothers will ... school both together at the end of this year   finish
The company is thinking about _________some managers.   removing
The company is thinking about_________some managers.   removing
The congress passed a vote of ... against the president.   censure
The convention ... next month   will start
The day before yesterday I ____ at the shopping centre   was
The decorated roof of the ancient palace was ... up by four thin columns.   held
The fire spread through the building quickly but everybody ... ... ...   was able to escape
The firm has expanded and they want to ....... on extra staff.   take
The girl is afraid ... the dog   of
The idiom "to be in hot water" means:   essere nei guai
The kids didn't study. ..., they failed the course.   Therefore
The kids didn't study. _______, they failed the course.   Therefore
The little girl was very upset when her favourite pet hamster______   died
The moment the lights went out, there were scenes of ........   panic
The murder was arrested ... the police.   by
The nearest library is in Oxford Street. Go straight down here. Turn right at the traffic lights then take the second on the left. is:   an indication
The nearest library is in Oxford Street. Go straight down here. Turn right at the traffic lights then take the second on the left. It is:   an indication
The nice thing about a family funeral is the chance to ____ all your relatives again.   see
The novel I read was ______as I expected".   as touching
The part of the following sentence between square brackets contains one or more mistakes; choose the correct form. "[All guests have danced] and were tired".   All the guests had been dancing
The past simple of the verb 'to take' is:   took
The people in the photo ________ my cousins   Are
The person with _____ you should be registering your complaint is the manager, but he's unavailable at the moment.   whom
The places ... we spent our holidays were really beautiful   where
The police ... a good deal of criticism over their handling of the affair.   went down through
The poor grasshopper ....... he had spent the whole summer enjoying himself singing and dancing.   confessed
The problem is becoming serious. We have to discuss ... it   on
The river Rhine flows ... the North Sea   into
The song which _________ the festival is very nice.   has won
The student succeeded in passing the examination. The verb succeeded means:   è riuscito
The success of a really good meal is that not only must it taste good but it should also look good and thus ....... to your eye.   appeal
The sun _______ at 7 p.m. yesterday.   set
The term "snowflake generation" is sometimes used in the media to describe the young people of today because, it is claimed, they have been _____ up to believe they are special and unique.   brought
The word "always" is:   an adverb
The word "noun" is:   a noun
The word "remake" is:   a noun
The word "suddenly" is:   an adverb
The word "time" is:   a noun
There are ... five million people in Scotland, and Edinburgh is ... most famous city.   about/its
There is somebody walking behind us, I think ... ... ...   we are being followed
There was a great discussion about which particular type of cuisine the guests would choose and finally they reached a ....... and settled on the set menu.   compromise
There were a lot of people ... ... shop: it was very crowded.   in the
These muffins are delicious! May I have ..., please?   one more
They ....... him for his brave actions.   praised
They shouldn't be held responsible. The blame for this shameful situation lies ... .   elsewhere
They're selling their house .......   aren't they?
This form ... be handed in until the end of the week.   needn't
This is the information I asked ... .   for
This looks like a nice pub. Mike has offered to ________ the first round as he has to leave early.   buy
This problem is getting serious. lt's time we ......... something about it.   do
This product must be eaten ... two days of purchase.   within
This will be read by the very pretty ....... Penny Lane.   newscaster
To be hit by a car or bus is the same as to be ... down.   knocked
To have one's head in the clouds means:   Avere la testa nelle nuvole
To move at a snail's pace means:   muoversi lentamente
To start ....... we have comedy.   with
Turn the sentence into the negative form: "My little sister can swim".   My little sister can't swim
Turn the sentence into the negative form: "The dog escaped from the garden".   The dog didn't escape from the garden