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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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I ... him since 1990   have known
I ... to the USA in my life.   have never been
I ....... come to the conclusion that nowadays nobody cares about anything.   have
I ____ love another cup of coffee, but I have ____ had enough for today!   would / already
I _____ go to the disco _____ the week, only on Saturdays.   never / during
I am accustomed ... hot water   to
I am fed up with you means:   angry with you
I am really hungry!   Ask for something to eat
I am really thirsty!   Ask for something to drink
I can't open the door because I've lost __________ keys.   my
I don't live with ... parents anymore   my
I don't remember ... the front door when I left home this morning.   locking
I don't think that's going to be ....... .   hard
I don't want to have ................... to do with him.   anything
I expect you think I'm ... because I don't understand that.   stupid
I got up late and I ... the train   missed
I had a terrible discussion with my boss, and now I'm worried I'll _____ my job.   lose
I have lived in Frankfurt ... I left Italy three years ago.   since
I have never ... her before.   seen
I honestly think that the time ....... come when we should celebrate our success.   has
I managed to put the fire out ... a fire extinguisher   with
I must admit that whenever I've eaten at that restaurant, I've always come away feeling ....... satisfied.   completely
I never have ... in the morning   breakfast
I only ... in London for three months   lived
I really appreciate your ....... me at this difficult time.   helping
I saw him ... the road and ... the shop   cross - enter
I see that you're trying to ... apathy, but I know that you really do care.   affect
I tried to come, but I couldn't make it.   Ho provato a venire, ma non ce l'lo fatta
I urge a reply so they promise they ... back to me soon.   will write
I was coming out of the room I collided ... somebody who was coming in   with
I won't wait ... him a minute more   for
I would like to see Lucy again. It is a long time ... ... ...   since I saw her
If the weather _____________ better I'd play tennis.   Were
If they _____ me the _____, I'll accept it   offer / job
If you read on it: 'Buy 3 you get 1 free!' you probably are:   at the supermarket
If you're not careful you'll find that because of your generous nature, she'll start taking ....... of you.   advantage
I'll finish now and I look forward to ....... you again soon.   seeing
I'll have one more ....... and then..   go
I'm afraid. I ______ your invitation.   can't accept
I'm in a spot of bother. May I ask you for__________   some advice
I'm really quite lost. __________ you __________ showing me how to get out of here?   Would / mind
I'm so sorry I couldn't come to your party. The communicative function of the sentence is ______ .   apologising
I'm sorry but there _____ trains to London on Sunday night.   aren't any
I'm sorry to disturb you but could you please help me with my homework? is:   a request
I'm starting a ....... of swimming lessons.   course
In England, the money you borrow to buy a house is called:   mortgage
In Italy you are allowed to drive a car at the age of:   eighteen
In the context of education, what does "best practice" mean?   Implementation of methods and techniques that are successfully used by people or organizations
In the sentence: "Everyone recognized her down-to-earth approach to life", "down-to-earth" means ______.   practical
Indicare la corretta traduzione . "I tried to come, but I couldn't make it.   Ho provato a venire, ma non ce l'ho fatta
Indicare la corretta traduzione. "I know I made a mistake, but you don't have to rub it in".   Lo so che ho sbagliato, ma tu non farla lunga
Indicare la corretta traduzione. "Mary texts her boyfriend every day":   Mary manda SMS al suo ragazzo tutti i giorni
Indicare la traduzione corretta. "We want to throw a party before summer vacation".   Vogliamo dare una festa prima delle vacanze estive
Indicare la traduzione corretta: "Come stai?" "Bene, grazie."   How are you? "I'm fine, thanks"
Indicare la traduzione corretta: "He is never on time":   Non è mai puntuale
Indicare la traduzione corretta: "Il pranzo viene sempre servito alle 13:00".   Lunch is always served at 13:00
Indicare la traduzione corretta: "Non è mai puntuale"   He is never on time
Indicare la traduzione corretta: "Quanto costa quella borsa?"   How much is that bag?
Indicare la traduzione corretta: "Studio inglese da cinque anni".   I have studied English for five years
Indicare la traduzione esatta: "Il video dura un quarto d'ora":   The video lasts a quarter of an hour
Insert her, his, its or their. "Today it's Paul's birthday. It' s ____birthday".   his
Insert the correct article: "Bull is... nice dog".   a
Insert the correct article: "I saw ... elephant at the zoo".   an
Insert the correct article: "It is ___ fine day".   a
Insert the correct preposition. "Many people are fond ... ice creams".   of
Insert the correct subjects in the blank: "__________ are playing"   Children
Insert the right demonstrative. "... teacher in front of the blackboard is always very kind".   That
Insert the right possessive. "Clark is proud of ____ new car".   his
Insert the right possessive. "Mary has lost_____ ring".   her
Insert the right possessive. "We love___ little brother".   our
It ________ all day and the road was slippery.   had been raining
It ________ all day and the road was slippery.   had been raining
It can be dangerous when the children play ... the street   in
It didn't take long for the children to ... off the cakes and pastries that had not been eaten at the party.   finish
It doesn't matter in the least means:   Non ha nessuna importanza
It doesn't really ....... now. I just wanted to say how beautiful the bells sounded.   matter
It took me ten minutes to realise I _______________ in the wrong file.   Had been looking
It was a great party last night. You ... ... come. Why didn't you?   should have
It was a windy and rainy night. ..., I decided to go out.   Nevertheless
It won't hurt .......   will it?
It's 1 pm. I'd rather have lunch now ... a new presentation. I'm exhausted.   than giving
It's forbidden to smoke in this taxi: can you please ... the cigarette?.   put out
It's late. It's time ... ... ... home   we go
It's possible that he left his mobile at home: he _____ me.   hasn't called