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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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A boy of sixteen is often ... his father   as tall as
A library is:   a place where books are kept
A pacifist is a person ... believes that all the wars are wrong   who
A woman who has never married is called a:   spinster
According to the latest demographic forecasts, the world's population ___________ 9 billion by 2050.   is expected to reach
After the accident my friend needed ... .   surgery
After the children had ... doing their homework, the whole family watched television.   finished
After the odd outburst, the group of long time friends agreed that Carmela's behaviour on the weekend trip was ........   bizarre
After they had shouted at each other, they decided to ....... it up.   make
All the poems you selected are good, but only the ... one will get the prize.   best
An orphan is a child ... parents are dead   whose
And by early evening the ....... country will see the rain.   whole
Andrew's attempts to get into the swimming team have not ... with much success.   met
Are you going ... Linda's party next week?   to
Are you going ....... for your holidays this year?   abroad
As always his latest play has been a huge success and all the tickets are ....... until August.   sold out
As the weeks went by, his depression got _______ and eventually his wife decided he should see a doctor.   worse and worse
As they always tell you the value of shares can go ....... as well as up.   down
At ....... I think she's very pretty.   least
At first, my friend didn't want to hire Mary. But, because I had previously worked with Mary, I told my friend that she _____________ take another look at her C.V. and reconsider _______ for the job.   ought to / her
At the age of 24, she ______ a doctor   became
At the moment we are trying to ....... for the town centre.   make