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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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Yesterday a colleague of ____ ____ three hats.   mine / sold
Yesterday I lost my keys. _______ my mom found them.   Luckily
Yesterday, i.......a word that i had never heard before   came across
Yesterday, Jane had a very ____ day. She worked until 6 PM, then she went to the gym, the supermarket and the chemist's.   busy
Yesterday, while _____ watching television he _____.   he was / fell asleep
You ... wrong   are
You ......... if you don't want to miss you flight!   'd better hurry
You ......... smoke in the classroom   can't
You ____ see this film, it ____ so funny.   must / is
You _____ here.   can't smoke
You ______ pick me up from work, it isn't necessary.   don't have to
You ______ take a decision by ______.   must / next week
You _______ a restaurant ______ three miles.   will find / within
You are......teacher i've ever had   the best
You aren't coming to the conference next week,... ?   are you
you be so kind as the window?   Would / to open
You brought that umbrella with you; it is _______ .   Yours
You can ____ ____ me by car.   easily / reach
You can come up and see me _____ you _____.   any time / like
You can invest your money in stocks and........   shares
You can turn off the radio. I'm not ... to it.   listening
You can't ignore his opinion; he has a finger in every......   pie
You 'd better take a taxi;... ,you'll arrive late   otherwise
You didn't like the movie, _____?   did you
You drink too _____ coffee   much
You know... I spend my time   how
You must ____ this letter and _____ before 11.30 a.m.   deliver / come back
You must ____ your ____.   finish / homework
You must take your shoes _________ if you want to walk ______ that carpet.   off / on
You put your money in your _____.   wallet
You remind me ... somebody I knew a long time   of
You shouldn't eat ......... meals.   Between
You speak very fast. Can you speak more ..., please?   slowly
You won't tell him,.........   will you?
You.......have received my reply by now   should
Young men ... ... glory and riches   dream/of
Your ... are really nice   sisters-in-law
Your car is the same colour _____ mine   as
your car/in the accident/was/damaged?   Was your car damaged in the accident?
Your father wanted you......a doctor   to become
Your fingers are on your _____.   hand
your guests/have/yet/arrived?   Have your guests arrived yet?
Your ice cream ______ melt if you ______ eat at once.   will / don't
Your knee is part of your ______.   leg
Your purse? ......... in your office?   Isn't it
Your room is chaotic. You are very ... .   messy
Your son is much taller than when I last saw him. He ... ... a lot   has grown