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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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Watch the hens as they begin to.......eggs!   lay
Water boils ... 100 degrees Celsius   at
We ... ... by a loud noise during the night   were woken up
We ... a walk along the river   took
We ... British, we are American.   aren't
We ... going to drive to Paris   are
We ... have a holiday this summer.   aren't going to
We ......... our hotel room. Can we change it?   don't like
We ____ send deliveries during ____ time.   cannot / lunch
We _____ in the USA.   were born
We _____ snails before last night.   had never eaten
We _____ to Brazil in the summer.   are going
We _____ to say that the experiment was _____ failure.   regret / a
We _____ your answer _____ the beginning of March.   need / by
We ________ to ______ our own food.   were expected / cook
We __________ Russian last year.   didn't study
We ___________ the game if we'd played a little better.   could have won
We all did well in the examination. ... in our class passed   Everybody
We all did well in the examination. ... of us passed   All
We appreciate your preparation, we _____call you _____ a second interview.   will / for
We are ____ back ____ the keys we forgot yesterday.   coming / to take
We are _____ a car to our _____.   buying / daugther
We are free all next week. You _____ welcome _______ day you come.   will be / whichever
We are having a special dinner to ____ his promotion.   celebrate
We are late. The film ... ... ... by the time we get to the cinema   will already have started
We finished _____ at midnight last night.   working
We have ______ the house ______.   had / painted
We have _______ time to wait.   no
We have bought a new house. Oh, have you? When are you ... ...?   moving in
We have got some potatoes , but we haven't got _____ tomatoes   any
We have to ... the grass in the garden.   cut
We must hurry up, we have got very ____ time _____.   little / left
We need to change the ... so we can have a nice and clean bed.   sheets
We normally use the front entrance, but there is another entrance ... the back   at
We use altimeters ____ measure height ____ sea level.   to / above
We went fishing last week and my cousin _____ three big fish.   Caught
We were bowled... by the elegance of this girlfriend   over
We wish to inform you that _____ is not allowed _____ board aircraft.   smoking / on
We won't forgive them for what they said ...... they apologize   even if
What _____ doing? I _____ in water-colours.   are you / 'm painting
What _____ Leo and Laura _____ next weekend?   are / doing
What _____ Leo and Laura ______ next weekend?   are/doing
What _____ like?   TV programs do you
What are you....... this evening?   Doing
What did she ... you?   tell
What do you do?   i'm an engineer
What do you think ... the new manager? She is all right, I suppose   of
What have you done with all the money you had. What did you spend it ...?   for
What have you got _______ your bag?   in
What is _____ with you, you look ______ unhappy.   going on / rather
What is the difference _____ a market and a shop?   between
What is the name of the man ... car I borrowed?   whose
What is your city like?   It's small, but nice
What should we do tonight? _______ go to a movie.   Let's
What time ... ?   does the market open
What time do you usually ... up in the morning?   get
What time does the supermarket close?   Not until midnight.
What time is it?   ten to seven
What was wrong with you? Why ... ... go to   did you have to
What's ... river in the world?   the longest
What's he _________ ?   doing
What's that music? I know it's ... Beethoven, but I can't remember what it is called   by
What's your favourite hobby? ______ nothing.   Doing
When _____ Sarah _____ to Rome?   did / move
When _____ the new _____ arriving?   is / teacher
When _____ you _____?   were / born
When _____ you _______ ?   were/born
When a dog is happy to see you it will probably __________ its tail.   Wag
When did you come back from lunch?   An hour ago
When do you write to your friends?   I do it whenever i have time
When his wife left him, John was really _____.   angry
When I touched him on the shoulder he ... ...   turn round
When I was running in the park, I my wallet.   Lost
When it ____ I always ____.   snows / go for a walk
When she _______ her homework, she never _______ a mistake.   does / makes
When she lived in the centre, she.........the bus to work   would often take
When Sue heard the news she ......... very pleased   wasn't
When the fire alarm rang ... left the building immediately   Everyone
When winter arrives I ____ and visit ____.   will come / you
When you get to the corner, go straight _____.   ahead
When you get to the traffic lights, turn left and then go ____ for about two hundred metres.   straight on
When your plane lands, pick up your suitcase at _________.   baggage claim
Where ... ... ...? Are you American?   are you from
Where ... ... ...? Which hairdresser did you go to?   did you have your hair cut
Where ... ...? In London   were you born
Where _____ you _________ on vacation?   are/going to go
Where _______ you on Tuesday?   were
Where are ... from? We're from Australia   you
Where can we admire ____ sunset ____ town?   the best / in
Where did they all......after the party?   go
Where have you _____? I _______ you for a long time.   been / haven't seen
Where shall we seat? Over there ... the corner   in
Which month comes before July?   June
Which of the following sentences isn't correct?   There isn't nothing to eat
Which sentence is grammatically correct?   When she arrived, they had been cleaning for hours
Who ______ in the band?   was
Who ______ the owner of this _______?   is / car
Who are _____ people over there?   those
Who are those ... over there?   people
Who is ... man over there?   that
Who is that man? _____ John   it's
Who is the ____ beautiful actress of ____?   most / all time
Who is......man over there?   that
Who's that girl? Why are you looking at _______   her
Whose book is this? It is ...   his
Why _____ you _____ well lately?   haven't/ been sleeping
Why _____ you _____ well lately?   haven't / been sleeping
Why are there so many __________ on TV?   advertisements
Why are you always thinking about money? Money isn't ...   All
Why are you crying? What's ____?   the matter
Why are you in such a bad _____?   mood
Why don't we go to the park instead of _____ TV?   watching
Why don't we......for a alk?   go out
Why don't you......dancing? It's fun!   take up
Will you _______________ about the job next week?   Let me know
Winters ________ as warm as they are now.   didn't use to be
With ---------------- were you talking so long on the telephone?   Whom
Would you like ________ Tom Cruise?   to meet
Would you like a coffee before.......back to work?   you go
Would you like me to drive you home?   Vuoi che ti porto a casa?
Write in letters the following number: 731.   Seven hundred thirty-one