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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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Take an umbrella with you when you go out. It ... rain later   might
Take your umbrella. I think ... going to rain.   it's
Tell _____ about the holiday   me
Tell me _________ you are worried _____.   what / about
Tell the milkman ......... us any milk   to not bring
Tell the police the truth please, or ... will arrest you!   they
That bag looks heavy you with it   I'll help
That flat is less expensive _____ this house   than
That hostess _____ you unless you ______ her.   won't serve / smile at
That is a ... Gucci bag.   fake
That is my ______ house.   parents'
That is the bus ... I take every morning.   which
That isn't your desk. It's.......   hers
That pen is not ______! It's ______.   yours / mine
That's ________ dress in the shop.   the prettiest
That's my book. it's _____.   mine
That's the girl.......parents i met   whose
The ......... outside the house said "Private"   notice
The ____ bike was ______ the wall of the pub.   man's / against
The _____ time I visited the United States _____ last July.   first / was
The _____ toilet is down the hall.   women's
The ______ children ______ at their uncle's house.   missing / were found
The ________ eat a lot of rice.   Chinese
The ________ letter was _______ the carpet.   missing / underneath
The accident at 9 p.m. and the ambulance arrived within 10 minutes.   Was reported
The athlete _____ his last gold medal _____ 2002.   won / in
The Atlantic Ocean is much _____ than the _____.   deeper / Mediterranean Sea
The bank manager _____ one hundred emails yesterday.   got
The bank usually.......at 8:20   opens
The bar is ... the corner.   in
The best thing to do is to book in advance.   La cosa migliore da fare è prenotare in anticipo
The best way to learn a ______ job is by _____ it!   practical / doing
The boy didn't know what love was,......   did he?
The Browns have breakfast _______ home.   at
The bus was full. We couldn't ... ...   get on
The candles... suddenly   blew out
The car... on the way to school   broke down
The chef _____ us fresh ravioli.   made
The chicken is running _______ the road.   across
the children/what/are/doing?   What are the children doing?
The Chinese ... ... printing   invented
The city law court ____ in Central Square, ____ the Gallery of Modern Art.   is / to the right of
The Clines ______ to Yosemite on vacation next week.   are going
The company found this proposal particularly -----------------.   Interesting
The concert _______ at 7:30 last Sunday.   began
The Congress passed a vote of... against the President   censure
The course starts _____ two weeks   in
The day after Wednesday is _______.   Thursday
The dishwasher... due to a faulty gasket   broke down
The door is open: please shut ...   it
The engine is still working; so far so good.   Il motore funziona ancora; fino ad ora è andata bene
The English drive _____.   carefully
The factory has five hundred _______.   employees
The film starts at ...   half past eight
The film starts at......   half past eight
The fire spread through the building quickly but everybody ... ... ...   was able to escape
The first candidate ______ proposed this programme was ______.   who / Italian
The fisherman ......... to shore as soon as the stom clouds appeared on the horizon   rowed
The flat I live in is ... second floor   on
The floor is dirty, I need a ... .   brush
The following sentence contains one or more mistakes. Choose the correct alternative. "I have used to meet with her every day".   I used to meet her every day
The food in this restaurant is ... nice.   quite
The food is rather _____, I don't want it ______.   spicy / at all
The garden is nice , but it isn't ____   big enough
The government's ......... priority is the improvement of public services   top
The house ______ a lovely garden with trees and bushes at the back   has
The insurance pays.....the medical bills   all
The journalist _____ us about the election results.   told
The kids didn't study; ........., they failed the course   therefore
The London Trade Center is on the north... of the River Thames   bank
The man got the wrong bus to the airport and ______ his flight.   missed
The man sitting next to me on the plane was nervous because he ... ... before   hadn't flown
The man, _____ father is a professor, forgot his umbrella.   whose
The meeting today was......for no reason   called off
The metal pipe in a chimney through which the smoke and heat pass is called a.......   flue
The milkman ____ ____ at eight.   always / comes
The Millers _______ a lot of money on holiday.   spent
The movie ________ in my hometown.   was filmed
The new employee _____ Athens but _____ in Dublin.   comes from / lives
The nominating committee generally met behind closed......   doors
The notebook.........in the office yesterday evening, but now it's gone!   was
The office... open on Saturdays   is not
The old cinema has taken____________ a new lease of life since its renovation.   On
The opposite of dirty is:   clean
The opposite of empty is:   full
The opposite of 'lose a key' is '_____ a key'.   find
The opposite of safe is:   dangerous
The past simple of the verb be is:   was/were
The past simple of the verb give is:   gave
The past simple of the verb go is:   went
The pasta's not good. There's _________ salt.   not enough
The places ... we spent our holidays were really beautiful   where
The plane......at 8:00   took off
The police.......a good deal of criticism over their handling of the affair   went down through
The post-office _____ _____ 7 a.m. every day.   opens / at
The president hadn't prepared a speach, so he made one.........the cuff   off
The Prime Minister returned to Scotland..........   last night
The prisoner ________ the warder _______ him the key.   got / to give
The problem is becoming serious. We have to discuss ... it   on
The pupil ... his examinations   took
The results of your ____ ____ unexpected.   management / were
The river Rhine flows ... the North Sea   into
The river runs _______ the sea.   towards
The roof _____ repaired _____ 1997.   was / in
The sandwich __________ after the Earl of Sandwich.   was named
The school provides all his students ... books   with
The sea is ... . you can swim in it   safe
The ship was living the docks when I arrived the port.   Il battello lasciava la banchina, quando sono arrivato al porto
The shop _____ I usually buy my clothes is closed.   where
The sold-out tickets made him clear that the speaker we invited to our event was:   extremely popular
The streets are dirty. There is a lot of ... .   rubbish
The streets in my city are ... . It's difficult to drive on them.   narrow
The teacher was angry ... him   with
The telephone and the doorbell rang ... same time   at
The tickets were very expensive _____ they sold all of them.   but
the time the Fire Brigade arrived, the house had burnt down.   By
The train ... ... arrive at 11,30, but it was an hour   was supposed to
The train goes ________ the tunnel.   through
The weather is bad today but it was ... yesterday.   worse
The woman ___ she was a reporter.   said
The workers have been called.........to protest against the dismissal   out
The...........i study the... i know   more-less
Their children don't get any exercise. They just watch television........   all day
There _____ any people on the beach.   aren't
There _______ any single rooms.   weren't
There are ......... things i like more than staying in bed late on weekends   few
There are ____ eggs in the fridge.   some
There are three .......... in the room   boys
There aren't _____ plants _____ my office.   any / in
There is ______ milk in the fridge.   some
There is a ... of Lord Nelson in Trafalgar Square.   statue
There is a lot ... in London   to do
There is going to be a .......of television programmes on the great artists of the Renaissance   series
There is no use in ... learning it   my
There is plenty of time. You ... ... hurry   needn't
There is somebody walking behind us, I think ... ...   we are being followed
There is too _____ sugar in this coffee   much
There was ________ cream ______ the cake.   a lot of / on top of
There was... a big choice of hotels, i found it difficult to choose one   such
There will soon be wireless computers in.......office   every
There's a good programme ____.   on TV tonight
These are my friends, can you please help _____ with their suitcases?   them
These are the shoes ... I use for tennis.   which
These clothes are clean, please ... outside.   hang them up
These computers are... than those   newer
These instructions are _____ to _____.   easier / follow
These photographs were taken ... a friend of mine   by
These photographs were taken ... a very good camera   with
These potatoes are very....   Good
They ... ... out after lunch and they've just come back   went
They ......... and went upstairs   took their coats off
They _____ the national anthem at the match.   sang
They _____ to a new beach yesterday.   went
They always _______ that all good things come to those who wait.   say
They are ______ for a new position in my department.   hiring
They can speak......English... Fench   both-and
They couldn't go skiing because there wasn't any ____.   snow
They didn't ... anything because they weren't hungry.   eat
They fell down and hurt ...   themselves
They gave me a form and told me to ... ...   fill in
They got _____ and he gave her a lovely diamond ring.   engaged
They kissed ____ good-bye.   each other
They lived _______ ever after.   happily
They made _____ mistakes than you   more
They want to sell the house for _____ money   big
They were ____ sleepy to stay awake.   too
They were studying in the library when the fire _________ .   started
They will.......study very hard if they want to succeed   have to
They won't.........use their mobiles   be able to
They.....food   ran out of
They're ... .   old jeans
This blouse is too small. I'm going to __________ to the shop.   take it back
This book is very ____.   Boring
This cappuccino ____ not ____ good.   is / so
This class isn't interesting. I'm ________.   bored
This dress is _____ big for me   too
This exercise is.......than the previous one   harder
This flower blooms in summer, _____?   doesn't it
This food is delicious!! I ____ like to congratulate your _____!   would / chef
This is ... restaurant I know.   the best
This is ... room in the hotel.   the worst
This is _____ country. _____ you respect their sensitiveness?   a foreign / Could
This is a beatiful tree. _____ leaves are a beatiful color.   Its
This is a beautiful tree. _____ leaves are a beautiful color.   Its
This is a test. _____ the gaps with the correct answer.   Fill in
This is absolutely the ____ book I've ever read.   worst
This is Mark, and this is _____ wife, Anne   his
This is the .........film i have ever seen   worst
This is the _____thing I have ever done.   hardest
This is the first time...........   it has happened
This is the school _____ I spent my teenage years.   where
This movie is _______. I hate it.   awful
This old book......years!   takes me back
This path is ______ ruined ______ I expected.   less / than
This postcard is for Paul and _____   me
This school is for children ... first language is not English   whose
This shop ____ every day ____ 09:00 a.m.   opens / at
This small town _____ founded _____ 1750.   was / in
This sofa is _____________ that sofa.   more comfortable than
This time next week.........on the beach   i'll be lying
This vineyard produces the _____ expensive _____.   most / wine
This watch is not expensive. It's quite ____.   cheap
Those hot pants are not _____ hot _______ you think!   so / as
Three people were taken ... hospital after the accident   to
Tina only _______ sandals in summer.   wears
To ______ should I give ______ report?   whom / this
To ___________ it may concern, I hereby designate Mathilda Jones ________ my attorney.   Whom / as
To be hit by a car or bus is the same as to be.........down   knocked
To bear up   resistere
To drop out   interrompere studi/corsi
To fall down   cadere al suolo
To get out   uscire, fuggire
To give out   distribuire
To queue is the same as to ________.   stand in line
To reduce the amount you do somethings is the same as to.......down   cut
to work/Ann/why/go/didn't?   Why didn't Ann go to work?
Todd _____ so much _______ his sister.   looks/ like
Todd _____ so much _______ his sister.   looks/ like
Tom _____ the guitar _____ twenty years.   has been playing / for
Tom ________ to see people _________ him when he is practising.   doesn't like / watching
Tom is a ____ swimmer than Paul.   Better
Tom is Canadian and his wife is _____ New Zealand   from
Tomorrow I have an appointment ________________.   To have my hair cut
Tom's the only person _____ can fix the computer.   who
Tony ________ glasses. He can't see very well.   wears
Trafalgar Square is ... .   huge
Translate into English the following comparative form: Meno errori fai, migliore è il tuo voto.   The fewer mistakes you make, the better your mark is
Translate into English the following comparative form: Più informazioni mi dai, meglio posso aiutarti.   The more information you give me the better I can help you
Tuna and salmon are ______.   fish
Turkey and ______ are white meat.   chicken
Two cars and a motorbike.........in the fire   were destroyed