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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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Salvador Dalì was famous for his fantastic ____.   moustache
Sam had ......... money   enough
Sean ______flu and had to stay in bed.   caught
See you _____ Bill's house   at
Serena: "My daughter's been promoted to General Manager." Tom: " ? You must be so proud!".   Has she
Shall we get a taxi or shall we go ... foot?   on
Shall we meet ____ lunchtime?   at
Shanghai is a very _______ city. There are many cars.   polluted
She ......... at her friend's   slept over
She _____ in the city.   doesn't work
She _____ the job _____.   accepted / immediately
She ______ wonderful. She _______ her mom at that age.   looks/looks like
She _______ him three weeks ago.   phoned
She _________ Math for many years.   taught
She always ____ ____ for me.   worries / too much
She answered _____ and _____.   quickly / well
She came and ... ... my book   asked/for
She didn't study. She may _____ the test.   fail
She doesn't ______ in New York ______ .   work / any more
She explained the matter ... me   to
She flies _____ London every summer   to
She gave me _____ phone number and I gave her _____ .   her / mine
She has to take the skirt.........to the shop. It's too big   back
She is a ... woman. She lives near here.   local
She is always fond ...   of talking
She is the ... girl in the class.   most intelligent
She left ____ home when she ____ twenty years old.   her / was
She likes telling.......stories, in fact nobody beliieves her   tall
She only accepted the job ... the salary, which was rather low   in spite of
She only eats oil and _____ on her salad.   vinegar
She said she _____ the newspaper today.   had read
She started ____ the piano when she was only four years old.   playing
She tried to be serious, but she couldn't help ... ...   laughing
She wants ____ ____ bicycle.   to ride / her
She was ........ beautiful girl that she became a model.   Such a
She was crying _____ joy _________ sorrow.   with / rather than
She was late _____ bad traffic.   due to
She went on a date with Mark _______ she didn't like him.   although
She works quite hard. You can't accuse her ... being lazy   of
She would like you to visit her more often.   Le piacerebbe che tu andassi a trovarla più spesso
She________ more if she had more free time.   would go out
She'll be coming ________ the mountain when she comes.   around
She's ____ television with her ____.   watching / mother
She's a fortune teller, she makes __________ about the future.   predictions
She's a typical.......teenager who just thinks about what's best for herself!   selfish
She's in love with ______, but he doesn't love her.   him
She's married to a teacher, _____?   isn't she
Short is the ________ of tall.   opposite
Silvia's flight from Sao Paolo took more than 10 hours. She be exhausted after such a long flight.   Must
Smoking is a very bad _____.   habit
Some friends of ... are sleeping here tonight   theirs
Some politicans.......concerns about the latest wave if immigration   voiced
Someday this lesson ... ... useful ... you   will/be/to
Sorry, could you ____ that, please?   repeat
Sorry, I'm late. The car ... ... on the way here   broke down
Students study in the _______.   library
Such.......that we were left speechless   was the shock
Sue was offered a Job as a translator, but she ... ...   turn down
Susan only _____ sandals in summer.   wears
Switch the phone ____ before you ____ it.   on / use