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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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Paris is ... the river Seine   on
Patricia _____ very hard recently.   's not been working
Paul ____ his job ___ 1986.   left / in
Paul is in the garden, he.......some flowers   is picking
Pedestrians walk on the ... .   pavement
People _____ not ____ drive like that.   ought / to
People ____________ to travel ___ bus or underground.   should be encouraged / by
People looked at me ______ when I coloured my hair blue.   strangely
People say rugby is ... sport.   the most dangerous
People say that Atlanta Airport is the ... in the world.   busiest
People who see things positively are ________.   optimistic
Peter and ... share a very small flat in the centre   I
Phoebe has ... her leg.   broken
Phone me when you _______, ________ how late it is.   arrive / no matter
Phone that detective _____ son is a friend of ____.   whose / mine
Picasso was a famous ________.   painter
Please ______ me to offer you a _____.   allow / drink
Please answer ... my question   to
Please don't ... Jim what happened.   tell
Please excuse my delay........   in replying
Please look ________ me.   at
Please, hurry up! I have to call Jim __________ 5 o'clock.   By
Please, turn the television......... My favorite show is on!   on
Please.......!   come in
Porsches are ....   expensive cars
Professor Miller is an authority... seventeenth century French painting   on