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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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Many ________ have cell phones.   children
Many people are ... prison for ... crimes they have not committed   in/the
Many young people are ________ nowadays.   overweight
Marcel is French. He has just returned ... France after two years abroad   to
Margaret ... ... to work yesterday. She wasn't feeling well   didn't go
Mark ____ born in London   was
Mark __________ TV when the police knocked at the door.   was watching
Mark and Joe.......badminton together two or three times a week   play
Mark decided to give up sports so that he could concentrate ... his studies   on
Mary always......elegant dresses   buys
Mary Black ______ ______ an engineer.   studies / to be
Mary speaks __________ Russian.   a little
Mary wasn't happy in her new job at first, but she ... ... to enjoy it now   is beginning
Mary, can you ........., please?   take these books away
Mary's friend Ann _____ in London this year.   is studying
Mary's house is _____ near her ______.   quite / daughter's
May I introduce you to my sister Isabel? Isabel, ____.   this is Jasper
Megan hasn't studied for her test, so she _____ pass.   may not
Michael is ______ his sister.   not as clever as
Mike is going to the cinema and I want to go with   him
Mom ______ the internet yesterday.   used
Mom ________ the internet yesterday.   used
Motorcycles aren't _______.   safe
Mozart was born in Salzburg ... 1756   in
Mr Black ___ the owner of that ____ site.   is / building
Mr Rossi ____ been playing piano ____ 1970.   has / since
Mr Smith ____ this farm ____.   bought / ten months ago
Mr Wilson is ........ architet   an
Musicians are people who write and _______ music.   play
My ____ girlfriend plays the ____.   brother's / guitar
My ____ girlfriend speaks ____.   brother's / Japanese
My ______ was born four years ______.   brother / ago
My ________ brother is my uncle.   father's
My ________ is my mother's sister.   aunt
My best friend ________ every weekend to see her boyfriend.   goes away
My boss _____ me to work _____.   wants / harder
My boss works ________.   hard
My boyfriend and I ____________ yesterday. He likes another girl.   broke up
My boyfriend is 2 meters tall. He's ________   very tall
My brother _____ into computers.   is
My brother and his wife _____ their baby was born.   haven't slept since
My brother is ... engineer. He lives ... London   an/in
My brother Peter studies ____ . He's so lazy!   very little
My brother was always picking ......... me when we were children   on
My brother's daughter is my _______.   niece
My cousin is _______. Her baby's due in February.   pregnant
My daughter's teacher says she doesn't ______ attention in class.   pay
My English teacher is said to be the best in town, his courses are the most professional ones.   Si dice che il mio professore di inglese sia il migliore della città, i suoi corsi sono i più professionali
My father always tries to _____ arguments.   avoid
My father always tries to _______ arguments.   avoid
My father was __________ his father.   named after
My favourite time ____ the day is always the ____.   of / dawn
My flowers were dead because my neighbor _____ them.   hadn't watered
My friend is on a diet. She's trying to _____ sweets.   give up
My friend was washing the car _____ I was cooking the ____.   while / lunch
My friends are angry. They are not talking to me ...   at the moment
My friends were ... for me when I arrived.   waiting
My granparents.......a wonderful garden   haven't got
My head _____. Do you have any aspirin?   hurts
My house is very dirty I need a ... .   cleaner
My husband always _____ the children after school.   picks up
My husband will ____ assent to ____ proposal.   never / this
My husband's mother is my _____.   mother-in-law
My manager... about the deadline for the report   discussed
My mom _____ lost coming to my house.   got
My mom ______ me that she was coming to visit   told
My mother _____ to use the internet _____.   hasn't learnt / yet
My mother ______ to use the internet _____.   hasn't learnt/yet
My mother _______ a lot of books.   reads
My name .......Annie. I......a teacher   is-am
My new car,.....i have just brought home, is very fast   which
My new shoes don't ______.   fit
My present job isn't wonderful, but I prefer it ... what I did before   to
My room is dirty I need to ... it.   clean
My sister drinks five cups of coffee _________.   every day
My sister is _____. Her baby's due in April.   pregnant
My sister is the one ____ ____ this wood toy.   who / manufactured
My smartphone is very ... .   powerful
My son always says thank you. It's important to be _____.   polite
My son has to ______ laundry today. He has no clean shirts.   do
My son never _________ his clothes.   puts away
My train leaves ____ Victoria station today ____ 4 p.m.   from / at