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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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I ... ... ... television a lot, but I don't anymore   used to watch
I ... a shower every morning   take
I ... buy a new car.   am going to
I ... not ... to school yesterday   did/go
I ... sing, but I can play the guitar.   can't
I ........ write you a postcard next week   will
I ___ going ____ my sister's house.   am / to
I ___ last Christmas in the mountains but I ____ the previous one at the beach.   spent; had spent
I ___ tomorrow morning ____ noon.   will arrive / at
I ____ an apple yesterday night   ate
I ____ love another cup of coffee, but I have ____ had enough for today!   would / already
I ____ playing cards but I just _____ want to do it now.   love / do not
I ____ to inform you that the flight ____ cancelled.   regret / has been
I ____ your plan. I think we should do it my way.   Don't agree with
I _____ a garage, I got my car stolen ____ last year.   am buying / twice
I _____ all day. I'm so tired.   've been studying
I _____ any money ________ you go to the bank this morning.   won't have / unless
I _____ go to the disco _____ the week, only on Saturdays.   never / during
I _____ my son _____ whatever he likes.   let / do
I _____ pasta almost every day for lunch, but today I _____ Thai food instead.   eat; am having
I _____ send postcards _____ my family.   frequently / to
I _____ swim when I was four years old.   could
I _____ this is their house but I'm _____ sure.   think / not
I _____ to Africa on vacation next week.   'm going
I ______ ______ my mobile after dinner last night.   turned / on
I ______ as she prepared the _____.   watched / table
I ______ chatting too much so I didn't notice the time   was
I ______ never _____ in a marathon.   have / run
I ______ playing theatre ______ three years.   have been / for
I ______ to prepare the meeting that will take place in ______ days.   am leaving / six
I _______ never _________ in a marathon.   have/run
I _______ too much so I decided I _______.   was smoking / would stop
I ________ at home ________ 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.   wasn't / between
I ________ to get home earlier, but they ________ me leave before five p.m.   would like / won't let
I __________ after my shower.   get dressed
I __________ it if it _____________ good.   wouldn't have eaten / hadn't been
I ______________ skiing, but I love it now.   didn't use to like
I always forget ......... my cheques   to sign
I always have.......in my stomach before an exam   butterflies
I am no _____ working for that company   longer
I am not tired to go to bed yet. I wouldn't sleep if I ... ... to bed now   went
I am really tired ____ playing football. I think I'll ____ at home.   after / stay
I am sure I locked the door. I clearly remember ... ... it   to have locked
I am very happy ____ won the first prize. However, I ____ give some money for charity!   to have / will
I am very tired. I think it's time to call it a.......   day
I arranged to meet Jane after work last night, but she didn't ... ...   turn up
I called your house, but ______ answered.   nobody
I can never remember things if I don't ___________.   write them down
I can't find my keys. I've looked ____ for them.   Everywhere
I can't sleep. It's ______ hot.   too
I can't... to buy a new car   afford
I could ......... a holiday   do with
I decided to stay at home last night. I would have gone out if I ... ... so tired   hadn't been
I didn't have any breakfast _____ I didn't have time.   because
I didn't have any lunch ________ I was working.   because
I didn't need help. I did it ........ my own.   On
I didn't see you ... the party. Where were you?   at
I didn't think you would succeed... doing such hard work   in
I don't believe ... working very hard: It's not worth it   in
I don't drink _____ you do   as much as
I don't have lunch when I'm _______.   in a hurry
I don't know _______ about music.   anything
I don't know the name of the woman to ... I spoke on the telephone   whom
I don't know where my umbrella is. Perhaps I left it ... the bus   on
I don't like _____ clothes when I go shopping.   trying on
I don't like birds. I'm afraid of ______.   them
I don't like borrowing money, I hate being in ____.   debt
I don't like people who borows things and don't.........   give back
I don't like people who borrows things and don't ... ...   give back
I don't like travelling ... night   at
I don't live with ... parents anymore   my
I don't live with.......parents anymore   my
I don't want ... juice, thanks.   any
I don't want to ________ early tomorrow. I need to sleep.   wake up
I feel tired today. I didn't ... very well last night   sleep
I forgot my raincoat ____ I got wet.   so
I go to the gym _____ Mondays   on
I got some flowers from a ... .   stall
I had lost my key, but I managed to climb ... the house through a window   into
I have ____ nicest ____.   the / parents
I have ____ wanted to live ____.   always / in Rome
I have _____ owned _____ boat.   never / a
I have 2 ... , a brother and a sister.   siblings
I have a new friend. ____ name is Brigitta.   Her
I have been looking for those documents, but I haven't found them ____   yet
I have not _____ your letter _____.   read / yet
I have so much homework. I _______ it.   still haven't finished
I have three ...: a son and two ...   children - daughters
I have to _______ at the next stop.   get off
I haven't got _____ time   much
I haven't seen Kate for a few days. I last saw her ... Tuesday   on
I hope I haven't ...... you any trouble by changing the arrangements.   caused
I hope to succeed ... finding the job I want   in
I know _____ words in Spanish.   a few
I know ________ the post office is. I'll walk with you.   where
I know Mr. Jones, but I don't know _____ wife.   his
I like ........to parties and.........   going-dancing
I like my coffee with ... milk.   a lot of
I like this test. _____ is very nice!   it
I like to ... with my friends.   hang out
I like to spend ... with my family at home.   time
I lost the last flight, so there ______ nothing ______ done.   was / to be
I love _____ the beach!   going to
I love ______ dinner, but I hate _____ the washing up.   making/doing
I love classical music and ........ does she.   So
I love learning the _______ of new songs.   lyrics
I love Munich. It's a really lively and exciting place, and the people... friendly   are very
I love the game show ______ is on after the news.   which
I managed to put the fire out ... a fire extinguisher   with
I missed a lot of classes so i have to work hard to.........up   catch
I need ... some emails.   to send
I need a day _____ tomorrow.   off
I need a new job. ... ... the same job for too long   I've been doing
I need my money ... .   right now
I never ______ by air when I _____ abroad.   fly / go
I never expected you to turn.......at the meeting   up
I object ... treated like this   to being
I only have two or three _____ friends.   close
I play football really ... .   well
I prefer this chair ... the other one. It's more comfortable   to
I ran in a marathon last week, but I wasn't fit enough. I ... ... after 15 km   dropped out
I reached him _____ e-mail the _____ day.   by / next
I really like... to foreign countries   going
I recognize that pen; I think it is _______ .   mine
I regret .... my job.   Leaving
I regret .....my job.   Leaving
I smoke, but I've lost my _____.   lighter
I speak Greek very _____.   badly
I still don't know what to do, I yet   haven't decided
I think ______ lose the football match.   they'll
I think all drivers ... ... seat belts   should wear
I think it must _________ the cold _____ made me feel ill.   have been / that
I think the weather ... ... be nice later   is going to
I to watching horror movies.   Am not used
I usually go shopping ____ the city center.   in
I want ... to tell me the truth   you
I want to buy a new car, but I have to _____ my old one first.   sell
I want to introduce you to Jana and ......... brother   her
I want to introduce you to Mary and ... brother   her
I was __________ from my last job because I was always late.   sacked
I was born ... the ... ... december   on/third/of
I was born.......1967   in
I was coming out of the room I collided ... somebody who was coming in   with
I was very tired this morning. I couldn't ... ...   get up
I wear these shoes ... running.   to go
I went home early ... I was feeling unwell   because
I went to the meeting _________ foot.   On
I went to university with Tom. I have known ____ for 10 years.   him
I will have my assistant _____ the document for you   translate
I wish I ... ... a car. It would make life so much   had
I wonder if you ........ Tom for a moment, please.   Could help
I wonder if you .........Tom for a moment, please.   Could help
I wonder why Jim ......... so nice to me today   is being
I won't to be here next week. I'll be ... holiday   on
I work ......... Ministry of Foreign Affairs   at the
I work in a ... .city. There are always many young people around.   lively
I would like to find a job with a decent __________.   salary
I would like to see Lucy again. It is a long time ... ... ...   since I saw her
I wouldn't like his job. He spends most of his time talking ... the phone   on
I... an answer to my letter within a few days   expect
I... tomorrow at 7:30   am leaving
I.......to any political party   don't belong
I......TV now   am watching
I.....him recently   haven't seen
If he had studied,..........   he'd have passed
If I ........ French, I'd look for a job in Paris.   Spoke
If i .........a cake, will you brings some wine?   make
If I ____ in Boston I ____ and see you.   will be / will come
If I _____ English very well, I _____ for a job abroad.   could speak; would apply
If I _____ Sarah's number, I could've called her.   hadn't lost
If I ______ a phone , I could phone for help   had
If I ______, I ______ you (but I didn't know so I didn't tell you).   had known; would have told
If I _______ a king, I ________ very happy.   were / would be
If I _______ you, I ______ to a person who is driving.   were / wouldn't talk
If I had more money, I ______ that car.   would buy
If I have enough money next year, I ......... to the USA.   will go
If I were you, I ... ... that coat. It's too expensive   wouldn't buy
If I were you, I ______ the situation with my boss.   would discuss
If i were you,.......   i wouldn't do it
If i... more money, i would buy a new car   had
If i.......richer, i.......travel around the world   were-would
If it ... known that grammar was so important, more people ... study it   was/would
If it ______, I ______ an umbrella.   rains; will take
If it _________ so cold here, I _______ leave here.   weren't / would like to
If it rains tomorrow, we to play tennis.   Won't be able
If the goods are faulty on arrival, you are entitled to recive a..........   refund
If the taxi doesn't come, we _______ miss the show.   might
If the weather ____ better, we could've gone to the beach.   had been
If the weather _____________ better I'd play tennis.   Were
If we _____ in that house, we could get a dog.   lived
If we keep on ____ this, we'll never ____ on time!   like / arrive
If you _____ and see me tomorrow, I _____ very happy.   come / will be
If you _____ no heating, you __________ to do without.   have / will have
If you _______ use the right software, that computer ______ work.   don't / won't
If you can't _____ your goals, keep trying.   reach
If you don't catch a train, you _____ it.   miss
If you don't hurry, we'll never ____ the bus.   catch
If you have any questions, please do not ......... to contact me.   hesitate
If you have dirty clothes you can put them in the ...   washing machine
If you see Sarah, _____ her my message!   give
If you want to wash your hands there's a ... in the bathroom.   basin
If you'd rung to tell me, i.......picked you up at the station   could have
Il termine "local" significa:   del posto
I'll call ......... you at 8:30 and give you a lift to work   for
I'm ......... I didn't pass the examination, but i'll do better next time   disappointed
I'm ____, ____ there's nothing to drink.   thirsty / but
I'm ______ your visit.   looking forward to
I'm addicted.......chocolate   to
I'm afraid we can't comment ____________ the court's decision at this time.   On
I'm ashamed ... what I've done   of
I'm going to _____ my neighbor's goldfish this week.   look after
I'm going to _____ two tickets for the concert.   get
I'm happy to be... friends again   among
I'm hungry. Ok, ________ make a snack.   I'll
I'm looking for a place ... .   to sit
I'm really ____ on holiday this year.   looking forward to going
I'm so _______ snakes.   frightened of
I'm so tired today becouse i.........up very early   got
I'm sorry - I didn't ...... to disturb you.   mean
I'm sorry but I can't look ... your children tonight, I have a date   after
I'm sure they're going to ... very happy.   be
I'm tired because i've been working.........   hardly
I'm tired mum. I just want bed right now.   To go to
I'm tired. _______ take a break.   Let's
I'm very interested ... history   in
Imparare a guidare è tanto difficile quanto imparare ad andare in bicicletta.   Learning to drive is as hard as learning to ride a bike
In ________, I'd like to thank my family for their support.   conclusion
In 1989 the Berlin wall ____ down.   came
In this excercise you have to ......... the gaps   fill in
In this shop the assistants _____ _____ efficient.   are / very
In which case the use of "to be due" isn't correct?   What job are your parents due?
In which of the following sentences we can't remove "that" without changing the meaning or making a mistake?   That man over there is my English teacher
In winter it's ________ in St. Petersburg.   freezing
Indicare la grafia corretta: 3°, 5°, 11°, 5, 33   third, fifth, eleventh, five, thirty- three
Is it ... that you know Brad Pitt?   true
Is there _____ I can do to help?   anything
Is there _____ milk left?   any
Is there ________ particularly __________ for cold weather in that shop?   any clothes / suitable
Is there a car park _____ here?   near
Is there a car park near here? Yes, _____ opposite that shop   there is one
Is there a swimming pool near here? Yes, _____   there is
Is there a tennis......near here?   court
Is there anything to eat? I'm _____.   hungry
Is this Tom's car? _____   No, it isn't
Is this your pencil? No, it's ______ , not mine   hers
Is your boss ______ the meeting ______?   attending / tomorrow
It ... very hot in the summer   is
It ____ rains ____ April.   often / in
It _________ for players ______ the ball with their hands.   is forbidden / to touch
It can be dangerous when the children play ... the street   in
It has been 5 years .......... Philippe left for Africa.   Since
It has been 5 years ...........Philippe left for Africa.   Since
It is a secret ... you and ...   between/me
It is five ...   past five
It is important _____   to study
It is impotant.......here   for them to live
It is the ______ film I have ______ seen.   worst / ever
It is very late, I am afraid we _____ now   must go
It is worth........   doing
It isn't _____ yesterday.   as hot as
It may be necessary to ......... taxes some time next year   raise
It took three _____ ______ than I had expected.   times / longer
It was ...   he
It was a great party last night. You ... ... come. Why didn't you?   should have
It was a windy and rainy night;........., i decided to go out   nevertheless
It was good party. ... enjoyed it   Everybody
It was sunny _____ we played tennis.   so
It... yesterday   didn't rain
Italian people differ _______ other nationalities I know.   From
Italy ____ the First World War ____ 1915.   entered / in
It's ... nine   a quarter to
It's late. It's time ... ... ... home   we go
It's time to take the dog.........   out
It's two years ... ... Joe   since I saw
It's warm in here. Why don't you.......your coat?   take off
I've ________ him for years. We ______ at university.   known/met
I've got to be back here by early evening, so it's going to have to be a.........visit   flying
I've never ______ at the movies   cried
I've never been _____ Scotland.   to
I've seen the restaurant but I haven't ... there.   eaten
I----------------------you that the goods you ordered are now ready for dispatch.   Am writing to inform