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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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Have you ____ the airport? I ____ leave only if I have a reservation.   phoned / will
Have you got many relatives? No, not _____   many
Have you... a sports car?   ever driven
He ... me several questions   asked
He ... me that he ... come today   told/might
He ... me what I ... doing   asked/was
He ... that he ... come tomorrow   said/would
He _____ a very _____ person.   is / important
He _____ afraid of flying _____ many years.   's been / for
He _____ been a policeman ______ 1990.   has / since
He _____ the job ______ by Tuesday.   wants / finished
He _____ the world if he _____ the lottery.   would travel / won
He ______ garlic and he can taste it _____ when there is only a bit there.   doesn't like / even
He _______ finish the job two days ago.   had to
He _______ for three days when he _____ that accident.   had not slept / had
He ________ a lot of poems but he never shows them to anybody.   has written
He ________ the car ________ repaired.   was watching / being
He _________ not _________ today.   may / arrive
He __________ out. He doesn't answer the phone.   must be
He ___________ on the sofa when his mother called.   was sleeping
He aimed ... the bird   at
He always has a very positive _____.   attitude
He does not wish ... any reward   for
He has got a _____ of friends   lot
He has.........   such an old car
He insisted ... going ... London   on/to
He is _____ Manchester   from
He is _____ than me   taller
He is intelligent ______ _______ his own way here.   enough / to find
He is quite ... doing that   capable of
He is running ____ arrive at home ____ .   to / on time
He is the person ... I know.   who
He is very good _____ maths   at
He looks __________ he did ten years ago.   as good as
He lost the control of his car and crashed ... a wall   into
He must ______ worked hard to get such a good job   have
He said he _______ a good film ___ a long time.   had not seen / for
He says he _____ doubtful ____ the new plan.   feels / about
He says he _____ me.   loves
He searched ........ for Tom's keys but couldn't find them.   Everywhere
He sings ________ you.   better than
He started the test late and, _____, he didn't finish it on time.   consequently
He stayed up to watch the match _____ he was really tired.   although
He thinks we ___________ one day.   will get married
He told his boss he _________ .   wouldn't forget
He turned up just as the meeting was ending.   Lui è arrivato proprio quando la riunione stava per concludersi
He was anxious to get home, so he _____ as quickly as he ________.   walked / could
He wasn't home _____ when I called.   last night
He wasn't home _______ when I called.   last night
He went away instead ... waiting   of
He will dispose ... all this property   of
He works.......engineer   as an
He... in this office when the fire alam went off   was working
He.........me by four games to two   beat
He.........spending the day in bed   ended up
He......me he.......in love with Susan   told-had fallen
He......speak English very well   can
He_______ afraid of flying ______ many years.   's been/for
Henry is 65. He will be retiring from his job ... two years time   in
Her career never.....   took off
Her son _____ three years old   is
Here's $20. You can _____ me back next week.   pay
Here's a book _____ might interest you.   which
He's been.........with manslaughter   charged
He's my mechanic. He ... my car.   fixes
Hey, I'm busy right now. Can I ___________ later?   call you back
His first book sold over 50.000 copies, but it was a flash in the........   pan
His first... to the news was one of total disbelief   reaction
His friends ______ come to the party next weekend.   might not
His Spanish isn't very good ...... after three years in Spain   even
His.........son is still at school   eldest
How _____ is it?   much
How _____ is your grandmother?   old
How _____ times can you bounce a ball without missing?   many
How _____ will you _____ at home?   long / stay
How _____! My father's always _____ about his youth.   boring / telling
How ______ time do you have for lunch?   much
How _______ people are in your class?   many
How ____________ you have?   many pets do
How did you get there? Did you go ... train?   by
How do you do? _____   Very well
How does he usually _____ to Italy?   travel
How long ____ your car?   have you had
How long _____ you _____ here? _____ 2010.   have / worked / Since
How many _____ are there in your class?   children
How many people ________ in class yesterday?   were
How many students _____ in your class?   are there
How much did you ... ... ... book?   pay/for/the
How much money do you spend ... food each   on
How old is she ? She _____ 24   is
How was the exam? How did you ... ...?   get on
How was the exam? How did you.......?   get on
Hurry up! We have got to go ... five minutes   in