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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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Eating _____ of sugar isn't good for you.   a lot
Empty vessels _____ the _____ noise.   make / most
Ernest never does anything stupid. He's really _____.   sensible
Every ____ girl except me is _____ jeans.   other / wearing
Every day, he _____ to the bus stop and ______ the bus.   walks; takes
Every night i like to read ......... to my children   aloud
Everyone was surprised when he turned down the offer.   Tutti erano sorpresi quando ha rifiutato l'offerta
Everything is going well. We ... ... any problems so far   haven't had
Excuse me, ____ I ____ you?   may / interrupt
Excuse me, _____ that seat _____?   is / occupied
Excuse me, how do you _____ to the station?   get
Excuse me, I have an appointment with Miss Rossi.   Mi scusi ho un appuntamento con la signorina Rossi
Excuse me, is there a supermarket _____?   nearby
Excuse me, Mrs. Jones, would you mind.........me a favour?   doing
Excuse me, would you mind.......a little more slowly?   speaking
Excuse me. ____   Can you give me a light?