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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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Dad always ______ photos on our vacation.   takes
Daniel writes for a ......... newspaper   Dutch
Dave's having a party ______, are you _____ with me?   tonight / going
David always __________ the radio on his way to work.   listens to
Diamond rings are very __________.   expensive
Did you ... television last night?   watch
Did you ever ________ trouble?   get into
Did you get the job?   Yes, i did
Did you say you have plans for the weekend? Yes, I've already told you - I _____ to London, stop asking!   am going
Do you ____ in _____?   believe / miracles
Do you _____ _____ in your spare time?   like / reading
Do you ________ with your colleagues?   get on
Do you buy your books online or at the ________?   book shop
Do you have plans for the weekend? Not really. I think I ___ to the mountains with some friends of mine, we'll see!   will go
Do you have plans for the weekend? Yes, I _____ to London - I booked my flight last night.   am going
Do you know... who can speak Chinese?   anyone
Do you like French? Yes, I ____   do
Do you like staying at hotels? It depends ... the hotel   on
Do you often _____ _____ underground in the morning?   travel / by
Do you say lift or ________?   elevator
Do you see the cup half _____ or _____?   full / empty
Do you see the cup half _____ or _____?   full/empty
Do you think it ____________ sunny tomorrow?   is going to be
Do you think Napoleon was _____ a _____ man?   really / great
Do you want ... ... with you or do you want to go alone?   me to come
Do your work without ...   speaking
Does it ____ ____ a fish?   smell / like
Does Sharon always ... glasses?' 'No, only for reading'   wear
Does this blue top _____ my red trousers?   match
Does your brother really believe ____ flying saucers?   In
Don't eat all the cherries,.....?   will you
Don't forget ______ your homework before you go out.   to do
Don't sit ______ the grass. It's wet.   on
Don't worry about your exam. I ________ you study.   will help