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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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A _____ is a child from one to two years old.   toddler
A _____ is a very negative person.   pessimist
A _____ serves you in a restaurant.   waiter
A _____ writes news in the newspaper.   journalist
A _______ writes news in the newspaper.   journalist
A ________ helps you in the hospital.   nurse
A baby _____ upstairs.   is sleeping
A banana is a ______ of fruit.   kind
A boy of sixteen is often ......... his father   as tall as
A cemetery is a place ... people are buried   where
A dentist checks your ______.   teeth
A friend of ____ lives in London   mine
A musician is a ... .   performer
A pacifist is a person ... believes that all the wars are wrong   who
A person is requested .... a good knowledge of Italian.   To have
A person is requested......a good knowledge of Italian.   To have
A policeman is a person ... arrests criminals.   who
A Porsche is ... than a Seat.   more expensive
A restaurant is a place ... you eat.   where
A strange thing happened ... me a few days ago   to
A woman can become a.......or a priest in the Anglican Church   nun
A woman who serves at tables in restaurants is a ........   waitress
A: Are ... in our class? B: No, I'm not.   you
A: How did your phone break? B: ... fell on the floor   . It
A: I can't sing. B: _____.   Neither can I
A: I didn't like high school. B: _____.   I didn't either
A: I haven't got any money. B: _____.   Neither have I
A: I haven't read McEwan's new book. B: _____.   I haven't either
A: I love sports. B: _____.   So do I
A: I passed test! B: I didn't. I _____ it.   failed
A: I went to Spain last year. B: _____.   I did too
A: I'm feeling very tired. B: _____.   So am I
A: Let's see Tarantino's new movie. B: I _______ it.   've already seen
A: What are ... in English? B: They're headphones.   these
A: What's that? B: It's ... identity card.   an
A: What's the time? B: It's half ... three.   past
A: Would you like to drive a Ferrari? B: Yes, I ... .   would
A:Where do you want to meet? B: __________ you like.   Anywhere
According to a _____, few people get married.   survey
Alex is........the nicest person you could ever hope to meet   just about
All of my _____ live on the east coast.   relatives
All of the following words refer to family except for one. Find the odd one out: toddler, niece, veal.   Veal
All of the following words refer to musical instruments except for one. Find the odd one out: cello, jug, harp.   Jug
Always show respect to your _____.   elders
An _____ is a star in a movie.   actor
An important spice is made from ......... seeds   fennel
An orphan is a child ... parents are dead   whose
Andrew speaks _____ Russian.   a little
Ann ___ she didn't like Peter.   said
Are ____ your glasses?   these
Are _____ teachers nice?   your
Are there any tomatoes in the fridge? No, _____   there aren't
Are there four people in the picture? Yes, _____   there are
Are there.........CDs in stock?   any
Are these men really... for a single group?   working
Are you ____ of dogs?   afraid
Are you ____ to work right ____?   going / now
Are you Canadian? Yes, _____   I am
Are you feeling ____ ____?   happy / today
Are you going ... Linda's party next week?   to
Are you ready?   Yes, i am
As far as I know she hasn't left yet, she told me she would move in January.   Per quanto ne so non è ancora partita, mi ha detto che si sarebbe trasferita a gennaio
As I've worked in Spain for many years, I've got used to the Spanish _____ of life.   Way
Ask that man to _______ a photo of us.   take
At midnight on December 31, I __________ begin my diet.   'm going to
At school i wasn't very keen ......... studying   on
At the end of the street you ____ turn _____.   have to / left