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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Inglese

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A _____________ the wedding guests ___________ sitting and playing cards.   Few of / were.
A bolt is __________ .   A tool.
A boy of sixteen is often ......... his father   as tall as
A friend of ____ lives in London   mine
A lagoon is ________ .   An area of sea water separated from the sea by a reef.
A local patron has decided to ____ the hospital of the village with new machinery.   Supply.
A locker is _________ .   A cupboard, often made of metal, in which you can keep your possessions, and leave them for a period of time.
A new variety of English, sometimes called ?Euro English? is said to be evolving to serve as a European lingua franca. This language can be described as   a hybrid
A sign in the airport says ?we are reconfiguring this area to make the security service we provide more effective for you?. What exactly is happening?   The area is being redesigned
A soft substance that is full of small holes and can absorb a lot of liquid is called:   Sponge.
A woman can become a.......or a priest in the Anglican Church   nun
A: What are ... in English? B: They're headphones.   these
A: Would you like to drive a Ferrari? B: Yes, I ... .   would
Actually I don't know how to solve this problem, I'd better ask my parents to help me as soon as possible.   A dire il vero non so come risolvere questo problema, farei meglio a chiedere aiuto ai miei genitori il prima possibile.
Alex is........the nicest person you could ever hope to meet   just about
Alfred is now hanging around only well-to-do people!   Alfred frequenta solamente gente altolocata!
Alice is sincere through and through.   Alice è sincera in tutto e per tutto.
All of the following words refer to family except for one. Find the odd one out: toddler, niece, veal.   Veal
All of the following words refer to musical instruments except for one. Find the odd one out: cymbals, cello, jug, flute, harp, trumpet.   Jug.
All of the following words refer to plants except for one. Find the odd one out: ivy, alloy, toadstool, plane, elm, ash.   Alloy.
All of the following words refer to sports except for one. Find the odd one out: archery, badminton, lime cordial, hiking, lacrosse, ten-pin bowling.   Lime cordial.
All of the following words refer to the human body except for one. Find the odd one out: jaw, nostril, armpit, knuckle, belly, groin, gnat.   Gnat.
An eight-hour general strike is scheduled for 16 April, the first of its kind in 19 years. In this sentence, its refers to the word:   strike
An important spice is made from ......... seeds   fennel
Andrew .... when the phone rang. He didn't answer the phone; he just carried .... eating.   Was having dinner - on.
Ann ___ she didn't like Peter.   said
Ann can't cook and ___ Thomas.   neither can
Are ____ your glasses?   these
Are _____ teachers nice?   your
Are there any tomatoes in the fridge? No, _____   there aren't
Are there four people in the picture? Yes, _____   there are
Are there.........CDs in stock?   any
Are these men really... for a single group?   working
Are you ____ of dogs?   afraid
Are you Canadian? Yes, _____   I am
Are you ready?   Yes, i am
As far as I know she hasn't left yet, she told me she would move in January.   Per quanto ne so non è ancora partita, mi ha detto che si sarebbe trasferita a gennaio.
As I've worked in Spain for many years, I've got used to the Spanish ____ of life.   Way.
As soon as you ........ your drink, turn yourself in.   Finish.
At first, my friend didn't want to hire Wendy. But, because I had previously worked with Wendy, I told my friend that she _____________ take another look at her C.V. and reconsider _______ for the job.   Ought to / her.
At school i wasn't very keen ......... studying   on
Avresti finito il report, non è vero?   You would have finished the report, wouldn't you?