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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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A farm animal.   Duck
A Fiat 500 is a ____ car.   Small
A friend of mine phoned __________ me to a party.   to invite
A good way to _________ your English is to visit an English-speaking country.   improve
A green fruit.   Kiwi
A letter was ______.   Written
A person who performs medical operations is a ____________.   surgeon
A person who plays a musical instrument is called .......   a musician
A person who sees a crime or an accident is a ____________.   witness
A person who works in a school is a ________.   Teacher
A person who works in politics is a _____.   Politician
A person who works in the kitchen is a _________.   Chef
A room used to prepare and cook food in.   Kitchen
A spicy vegetable.   Chili pepper
A stringed instrument.   Guitar
A synonym of "marvellous" is ..........   wonderful
A synonym of the word "match" is......   Competition
A synonym of the word "wonderful" is .........   Fabulous
A tangerine is ...........   Orange
A typical English drink.   Tea
A vegetarian doesn't eat.......   Hamburgers
A violet fruit.   Grapes
Adele is seventy years ____   Old
An orange fruit.   Apricot
An orange vegetable.   Carrot
Angela is at the cinema _____ her boyfriend.   With
Anna ____ animals.   Loves
Anna is my cousin. ____ is very pretty.   She
Are you French?__________   Yes, I am
Are you from Italy?   Yes I am
Are you German?   Yes I am
Are you well?   Yes, I am
At the moment, he ____.   Is sleeping