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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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A _______ is a band of cloth, leather, etc., worn, usually around the waist, to support clothing.   Belt.
A _______ is an upholstered seat with back and arms for two or more people.   Sofa.
A ________ is a garment made of knitted or crocheted material covering the upper part of the body.   Sweater.
A ________ is a long narrow piece of material worn, especially by men, under the collar of a shirt.   Tie.
A _____________ the wedding guests ___________ sitting and playing cards.   Few of / were.
A bolt is __________ .   A tool.
A group of people who work on a ship or a yacht is a ____   crew
A lagoon is ________ .   An area of sea water separated from the sea by a reef.
A local patron has decided to ____ the hospital of the village with new machinery.   Supply.
A locker is _________ .   A cupboard, often made of metal, in which you can keep your possessions, and leave them for a period of time.
A person who is self-employed and offers his or her services to various companies is called:   freelancer
A soft substance that is full of small holes and can absorb a lot of liquid is called:   Sponge.
Actually I don't know how to solve this problem, I'd better ask my parents to help me as soon as possible.   A dire il vero non so come risolvere questo problema, farei meglio a chiedere aiuto ai miei genitori il prima possibile.
Alfred is now hanging around only well-to-do people!   Alfred frequenta solamente gente altolocata!
Alice is sincere through and through.   Alice è sincera in tutto e per tutto.
All of the following words refer to musical instruments except for one. Find the odd one out: cymbals, cello, jug, flute, harp, trumpet.   Jug.
All of the following words refer to plants except for one. Find the odd one out: ivy, alloy, toadstool, plane, elm, ash.   Alloy.
All of the following words refer to sports except for one. Find the odd one out: archery, badminton, lime cordial, hiking, lacrosse, ten-pin bowling.   Lime cordial.
All of the following words refer to the human body except for one. Find the odd one out: jaw, nostril, armpit, knuckle, belly, groin, gnat.   Gnat.
All the suggested alternatives can complete the following sentence correctly but one. Which one? "Jack and Sam write emails to ...".   themselves every day
Andrew .... when the phone rang. He didn't answer the phone; he just carried .... eating.   Was having dinner - on.
Arrange the following words in the correct order: "excuse - train - me - where - the - station - is - ? - ,"   Excuse me, where is the train station?
As far as I know she hasn't left yet, she told me she would move in January.   Per quanto ne so non è ancora partita, mi ha detto che si sarebbe trasferita a gennaio.
As I've worked in Spain for many years, I've got used to the Spanish ____ of life.   Way.
As soon as you ........ your drink, turn yourself in.   Finish.
At first, my friend didn't want to hire Wendy. But, because I had previously worked with Wendy, I told my friend that she _____________ take another look at her C.V. and reconsider _______ for the job.   Ought to / her.
Avresti finito il report, non è vero?   You would have finished the report, wouldn't you?