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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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Tell me _________ you are worried _____.   what / about
That hostess _____ you unless you ______ her.   won't serve / smile at
That pen is not ______! It's ______.   yours / mine
That's my book. it's _____.   mine
The ____ bike was ______ the wall of the pub.   man's / against
The _____ eat a lot of rice.   Chinese
The _____ time I visited the United States _____ last July.   first / was
The ______ children ______ at their uncle's house.   missing / were found
The ________ letter was _______ the carpet.   missing / underneath
The athlete _____ his last gold medal _____ 2002.   won / in
The Atlantic Ocean is much _____ than the _____.   deeper / Mediterranean Sea
The bank manager _____ one hundred emails yesterday.   got
The best way to learn a ______ job is by _____ it!   practical / doing
The chef _____ us fresh ravioli.   made
The city law court ____ in Central Square, ____ the Gallery of Modern Art.   is / to the right of
The concert _____ at 7:30 last Sunday.   began
The English drive _____.   carefully
The first candidate ______ proposed this programme was ______.   who / Italian
The food is rather _____, I don't want it ______.   spicy / at all
The journalist _____ us about the election results.   told
The man got the wrong bus to the airport and _____ his flight.   missed
The man, _____ father is a professor, forgot his umbrella.   whose
The milkman ____ ____ at eight.   always / comes
The Millers _____ a lot of money on holiday.   spent
The movie _____ in my hometown.   was filmed
The new employee _____ Athens but _____ in Dublin.   comes from / lives
The pasta's not good. There's _____ salt.   not enough
The pizzas _____ in twenty minutes.   will be delivered
The post-office _____ _____ 7 a.m. every day.   opens / at
The prisoner ________ the warder _______ him the key.   got / to give
The results of your ____ ____ unexpected.   management / were
The roof _____ repaired _____ 1997.   was / in
The sandwich _____ after the Earl of Sandwich.   was named
The shop _____ I usually buy my clothes is closed.   where
The tickets were very expensive _____ they sold all of them.   but
There _____ any single rooms.   weren't
There aren't _____ plants _____ my office.   any / in
There was ________ cream ______ the cake.   a lot of / on top of
These clothes are ______ more expensive than I ______.   much / thought
These instructions are _____ to _____.   easier / follow
These instructions are _____ to _____.   easier / follow
These jeans are the wrong size. I think I'll _____ them back   take
They _____ the national anthem at the match.   sang
They _____ to a new beach yesterday.   went
They got _____ and he gave her a lovely diamond ring.   engaged
This blouse is too small, so I'm going to _____ to the shop.   take it back
This cappuccino ____ not ____ good.   is / so
This flower blooms in summer, _____?   doesn't it
This food is delicious!! I ____ like to congratulate your _____!   would / chef
This is _____ country. _____ you respect their sensitiveness?   a foreign / Could
This is a beatiful tree. _____ leaves are a beatiful color.   Its
This is a test. _____ the gaps with the correct answer.   Fill in
This is the school _____ I spent my teenage years.   where
This path is ______ ruined ______ I expected.   less / than
This shop ____ every day ____ 09:00 a.m.   opens / at
This small town _____ founded _____ 1750.   was / in
This sofa is _____ that sofa.   more comfortable than
This vineyard produces the _____ expensive _____.   most / wine
Those hot pants are not _____ hot _______ you think!   so / as
Thriller _____ by Michael Jackson.   was sung
To ______ should I give ______ report?   whom / this
Tom _____ the guitar _____ twenty years.   has been playing / for
Tom ________ to see people _________ him when he is practising.   doesn't like / watching
Tom's the only person _____ can fix the computer.   who
Tuna and salmon are ______.   fish
Turkey and _____ are white meat.   chicken