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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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She _____ in the city.   doesn't work
She _____ the job _____.   accepted / immediately
She always ____ ____ for me.   worries / too much
She answered _____ and _____.   quickly / well
She didn't study. She may _____ the test.   fail
She doesn't ______ in New York ______ .   work / any more
She gave me _____ phone number and I gave her _____ .   her / mine
She left ____ home when she ____ twenty years old.   her / was
She only puts oil and _____ on her salad.   vinegar
She said she _____ the newspaper today.   had read
She wants ____ ____ bicycle.   to ride / her
She was crying _____ joy _________ sorrow.   with / rather than
She was late _____ bad traffic.   due to
She went on a date with Mark _____ she didn't like him.   although
She's ____ television with her ____.   watching / mother
She's a fortune teller, she makes _____ about the future.   predictions
She's in love with ______, but he doesn't love her.   him
She's married to a teacher, _____?   isn't she
Smoking is a very bad _____.   habit
Susan only _____ sandals in summer.   wears
Switch the phone ____ before you ____ it.   on / use