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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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Mark _____ TV when the police knocked at the door.   was watching
Mary Black ______ ______ an engineer.   studies / to be
Mary's friend Ann _____ in London this year.   is studying
Mary's house is _____ near her ______.   quite / daughter's
Megan hasn't studied for her test, so she _____ pass.   may not
Mom ______ the internet yesterday.   used
Mr Black ___ the owner of that ____ site.   is / building
Mr Rossi ____ been playing piano ____ 1970.   has / since
Mr Smith ____ this farm ____.   bought / ten months ago
Mrs Cooper's son has four daughters, so she has four _____.   granddaughters
My ____ girlfriend plays the ____.   brother's / guitar
My ______ was born four years ______.   brother / ago
My boss _____ me to work _____.   wants / harder
My boyfriend and I _____ yesterday. He likes another girl.   broke up
My brother _____ into computers.   is
My brother and his wife _____ their baby was born.   haven't slept since
My brother's daughter is my _____.   niece
My father always tries to _____ arguments.   avoid
My father was _____ his father.   named after
My favourite time ____ the day is always the ____.   of / dawn
My flowers were dead because my neighbor _____ them.   hadn't watered
My friend is on a diet. She's trying to _____ sweets.   give up
My friend was washing the car _____ I was cooking the ____.   while / lunch
My head _____. Do you have any aspirin?   hurts
My husband always _____ the children after school.   picks up
My husband will ____ assent to ____ proposal.   never / this
My husband's mother is my _____.   mother-in-law
My mom _____ lost coming to my house.   got
My mother _____ to use the internet _____.   hasn't learnt / yet
My sister is _____. Her baby's due in April.   pregnant
My sister is the one ____ ____ this wood toy.   who / manufactured
My son always says thank you. It's important to be _____.   polite
My son never _____ his clothes.   puts away
My train leaves ____ Victoria station today ____ 4 p.m.   from / at