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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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I ___ going ____ my sister's house.   am / to
I ___ tomorrow morning ____ noon.   will arrive / at
I ____ love another cup of coffee, but I have ____ had enough for today!   would / already
I ____ playing cards but I just _____ want to do it now.   love / do not
I ____ to inform you that the flight ____ cancelled.   regret / has been
I _____ a garage, I got my car stolen ____ last year.   am buying / twice
I _____ all day. I'm so tired.   've been studying
I _____ any money ________ you go to the bank this morning.   won't have / unless
I _____ go to the disco _____ the week, only on Saturdays.   never / during
I _____ my son _____ whatever he likes.   let / do
I _____ send postcards _____ my family.   frequently / to
I _____ skiing, but I love it now.   didn't use to like
I _____ swim when I was four years old.   could
I _____ this is their house but I'm _____ sure.   think / not
I _____ to Africa on vacation next week.   'm going
I ______ ______ my mobile after dinner last night.   turned / on
I ______ as she prepared the _____.   watched / table
I ______ my eyes and I ______ a beautiful girl looking at me.   opened / saw
I ______ never _____ in a marathon.   have / run
I ______ playing theatre ______ three years.   have been / for
I ______ to prepare the meeting that will take place in ______ days.   am leaving / six
I _______ too much so I decided I _______.   was smoking / would stop
I ________ at home ________ 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.   wasn't / between
I ________ to get home earlier, but they ________ me leave before five p.m.   would like / won't let
I __________ it if it _____________ good.   wouldn't have eaten / hadn't been
I am really tired ____ playing football. I think I'll ____ at home.   after / stay
I am very happy ____ won the first prize. However, I ____ give some money for charity!   to have / will
I called your house, but _____ answered.   nobody
I can't sleep. It's _____ hot.   too
I didn't have any breakfast _____ I didn't have time.   because
I don't like _____ clothes when I go shopping.   trying on
I don't want to _____ early tomorrow. I need to sleep.   wake up
I forgot my raincoat ____ I got wet.   so
I have ____ nicest ____.   the / parents
I have ____ wanted to live ____.   always / in Rome
I have _____ owned _____ boat.   never / a
I have not _____ your letter _____.   read / yet
I have so much homework. I _____ it.   still haven't finished
I have to _____ at the next stop.   get off
I know _____ words in Spanish.   a few
I know Mr. Jones, but I don't know _____ wife.   his
I lost the last flight, so there ______ nothing ______ done.   was / to be
I love _____ the beach!   going to
I love the game show _____ is on after the news.   which
I never ______ by air when I _____ abroad.   fly / go
I only have two or three _____ friends.   close
I reached him _____ e-mail the _____ day.   by / next
I really enjoyed _____ when I went ____ Rome.   myself / to
I speak Greek very _____.   badly
I think it must _________ the cold _____ made me feel ill.   have been / that
If I ____ in Boston I ____ and see you.   will be / will come
If I _____ Sarah's number, I could've called her.   hadn't lost
If I _______ a king, I ________ very happy.   were / would be
If I _______ you, I ______ to a person who is driving.   were / wouldn't talk
If it _________ so cold here, I _______ leave here.   weren't / would like to
If it _________ so cold here, I _______ leave here.   weren't / would like to
If the taxi doesn't come, we _____ miss the show.   might
If we keep on ____ this, we'll never ____ on time!   like / arrive
If you _____ and see me tomorrow, I _____ very happy.   come / will be
If you _____ no heating, you __________ to do without.   have / will have
If you _______ use the right software, that computer ______ work.   don't / won't
If you can't _____ your goals, keep trying.   reach
I'm ____, ____ there's nothing to drink.   thirsty / but
I'm ______ your visit.   looking forward to
I'm going to _____ my neighbor's goldfish this week.   look after
I'm going to _____ two tickets for the concert.   get
I'm so _____ snakes.   frightened of
In _____, I'd like to thank my family for their support.   conclusion
In this shop the assistants _____ _____ efficient.   are / very
Is there ________ particularly __________ for cold weather in that shop?   any clothes / suitable
Is there anything to eat? I'm _____.   hungry
Is your boss ______ the meeting ______?   attending / tomorrow
It ____ rains ____ April.   often / in
It _____ me thirty euros to get my tichet.   cost
It _________ for players ______ the ball with their hands.   is forbidden / to touch
It is the ______ film I have ______ seen.   worst / ever
It isn't _____ yesterday.   as hot as
It took three _____ ______ than I had expected.   times / longer
It was sunny _____ we played tennis.   so
Italy ____ the First World War ____ 1915.   entered / in
I've got a cold. Do you have a _____ tissues?   box of