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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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Have you ____ the airport? I ____ leave only if I have a reservation.   phoned / will
He _____ afraid of flying _____ many years.   's been / for
He _____ been a policeman ______ 1990.   has / since
He _____ finish the job two days ago.   had to
He _____ out. He doesn't answer the phone.   must be
He _____ the job ______ by Tuesday.   wants / finished
He _____ the world if he _____ the lottery.   would travel / won
He ______ a lot of poems but he never shows them to anybody.   has written
He ______ garlic and he can taste it _____ when there is only a bit there.   doesn't like / even
He _______ for three days when he _____ that accident.   had not slept / had
He ________ the car ________ repaired.   was watching / being
He _________ not _________ today.   may / arrive
He always has a very positive _____.   attitude
He has ____ stories ____ tell.   a lot of / to
He is intelligent ______ _______ his own way here.   enough / to find
He is running ____ arrive at home ____ .   to / on time
He said he _______ a good film ___ a long time.   had not seen / for
He says he _____ doubtful ____ the new plan.   feels / about
He says he _____ me.   loves
He started the test late and, _____, he didn't finish it on time.   consequently
He stayed up to watch the match _____ he was really tired.   although
He thinks we ______ one day.   will get married
He was anxious to get home, so he _____ as quickly as he ________.   walked / could
He wasn't home _____ when I called.   last night
Here's $20. You can _____ me back next week.   pay
Here's a book _____ might interest you.   which
His behaviour is ______ strange _________ me to understand.   too / for
His friends _____ come to the party next weekend.   might not
How _____ will you _____ at home?   long / stay
How _____! My father's always _____ about his youth.   boring / telling
How ______ you have?   many pets do
How long _____ you _____ here? _____ 2010.   have / worked / Since
How many people _____ in class yesterday?   were