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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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We are ____ Miami next month.   going to
We are going to ____ party.   Paolo's
We have been here ____ two weeks.   for
We have been married ____ 30 years.   for
What ____ in London last weekend?   did you do
What ____ you think?   do
What are you doing now? ____.   I am studying
What are you doing? ____   I'm watching TV
What color is your car? ____ car is blue.   My
What colour is your car?   Grey
What do you ____ every morning?   do
What do you eat for breakfast?   Biscuits
What time is it?   It's 7 o'clock
What were you doing at 7:30 on Sunday evening? I ____ TV   was watching
What's ____ river in the world?   the longest
What's the weather like?   It's sunny
What's your favorite sport?   Volley
What's your job?   I'm a teacher
When did they arrive?   Yesterday
Where ____ Maria e Gianni last Sunday?   were
Where ____ your camera?   is
Where are you ____ ?   from
Where are you from? ____ Italy.   I'm from
Where are you going ____ Friday?   on
Where do you study?   At school
Where is John? He is ____ home.   at
Where is the book? ____ is on the table.   It
Where was Sarah yesterday?   She was at school
Whose house, is it? It is ____ house.   Paola's
Why are you playing with my ____ toy?   sister's
Would you like ____ biscuits?   some
Would you like ____ to eat?   something