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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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That book is mine. Give it to ____.   me
That was the ____ film I have ever seen in my life.   worst
The ____ gets 6 channels.   television
The ____ Maggiore is in Italy.   lake
The baby is ____   crying
The bank is ____ the school and the library.   between
The capital of ____ is Paris.   France
The cat is ____ the box.   in
The chairrnan of the board has been employed in the finance industry ____ 1984.   since
The chef is in his ____   kitchen
The children ____ live in a big house.   don't
The computer is ____ the table.   on
The cookies taste ____.   good
The day after Sunday is:   Monday
The English ____ independent people.   are
The Everest is ____ highest mountain in the world.   the
The film was very ____.   good
The ideas in that book ____ interesting.   are
The museurn ____ open on Mondays. It opens from_ Tuesday to Sunday.   doesn't
The news about Mr. Hogan ____ surprising.   is
The Nile is an Egyptian ____   river
The official ____ of Italy is Italian.   language
The pen is ____ the table.   on
The pencils and paper ____ on your desk.   are
The phone ____.   rings
The police all ____ uniforms.   wear
The president was elected by the ____.   people
The shops ____ open today.   are
The shops in my town ____ usually open on Sunday evenings.   are
The sun is ____.   yellow
The sun is ____.   hot
The teacher made ____ announcement.   an
The telephone ____ by Bell in 1876.   was invented
The train leaves ____ 5 pm.   at
The truth ____ out there.   is
The United States ____ a population of around 250 million.   has
The window is ____.   closed
The woman is wearing ____.   a dress
There ____ a cat on the table.   is
There ____ a race next week.   will be
There ____ a telephone in the kitchen.   is
There ____ many books in your library.   are
There ____ my pen on the desk.   is
There ____ some children in the park.   are
There ____ some sugar.   is
There ____ three glasses of water.   are
There are ____ apples on the table.   some
There are ____ chairs in the kitchen.   some
There are ____ hours in a day.   Twenty-four
There are ____ months.   twelve
There are millions of ____ people in Third World Countries.   poor
There is a shop ____ the supermarket.   in front of
There isn't ____ bread.   any
There isn't ____ University here?   a
There's ____ water on that table.   some
They ____ a lot at the dinner last night.   smoked
They ____ very fast.   drive
They always travel ____ train.   by
They are ____.   dancing
They like Pop but ____ Rock.   they don't like
This girl ____ sad   is
This is ____ easy question.   an
This is ____ house.   Carla's
This is ____ restaurant I know.   the best
This is my umbrella. ____ umbrella is on the table.   Your
This is the ____ bike.   boy' s
This is the church ____ I got married.   where
This magazine ____ too expensive.   is
Tim and Sarah are happy. ____ are on holiday.   They
To be or ____ to be, that is the question!   not
Today I ____ three letters.   have written
Today is ____ than yesterday.   hotter
Today is the ____ day of school.   first
Today is Tuesday. Tomorrow will be ____.   Wednesday
Tom ____ German fluently.   speaks
Traduci la frase "Let's go".   Andiamo
Traduci la parola "volpe".   Fox
Traduci la seguente frase "È mezzanotte".   It's midnight
Trova l'intruso.   window
Trova l'intruso.   Monday
Trova l'intruso.   Tomato
Trova l'intruso.   Dog
Trova l'intruso.   Fish
Trova l'intruso.   Flower
Trova l'intruso.   Apple
Trova l'intruso.   Bacon
Trova l'intruso.   Coconut
Trova l'intruso.   Zebra