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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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Marco can ____ English.   speak
Marco's eyes are ____.   green
Maria is a student. ____'s in Class 5.   she
Mario and Angela ____ to the cinema.   go
Mario is ____ boy in the classroom.   the tallest
Mario lived in Italy for ten years, but now he ____ in Paris.   lives
Mark ____ play the guitar very well.   can
Marta ____ TV every day.   watches
Mary ____ in a small village   lives
Mary ____ the television yesterday.   watched
Michele ____ a particular voice.   has
Mosca is the capital ____ Russia.   of
Mr Smith ____ teach French.   doesn't
My ____ is the "Fiat 500".   car
My alarm clock ____ at seven every morning.   rings
My brother will be a physicist. He studies ____.   Physics
My brothers ____ living abroad.   are
My car ____ in the garage.   is
My classmates ____ from Japan.   are
My family is ____ of five members.   composed
My father ____ in a bank.   works
My friend ____ in Rome.   lives
My friend bought a ____ car.   new
My friend is a fantastic ____   dancer
My friend is good ____ playing volleyball.   at
My parents ____ to watch TV.   like
My parents ____ when I was very young.   divorced
My PC isn't old. It's ____ .   new
My shoes ____ very dirty.   are
My sister ____ married. She is single.   isn't
My sister ____ two smanphones.   has
My sister is ____ than me.   taller
My sister is a doctor. She studied ____ at University.   Medicine