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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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Denise ____ a very funny girl.   is
Di che colore è l'elefante?   Grey
Did she buy the book?   No, she didn't
Did you ____ a good time?   have
Did you ____ your work?   finish
Did you give ____ some money?   me
Did you like the food in Cuba? Yes, it ____ delicious.   was
Do ____ have a computer, Mandy?   you
Do you ____ living in this city?   like
Do you ____ my bag?   like
Do you ____ time to go to the store forme?   have
Do you have ____ dictionary?   a
Do you have ____ mobile telephone?   a
Do you have ____ questions?   any
Do you have a car? Yes, I ____.   do
Do you like London? Yes, ____.   I do
Do you like my dress? It's ____   new
Do you like playing the guitar? Yes, ____.   I do
Do you like to eat ____ McDonald's?   at
Do you live ____ a house?   in
Do you live in Genova? No, I ____.   don't
Do you live in Italy?   No, I don't
Do you play ____ ?   football
Do you prefer ____ in the country or in the city?   living
Does Moira work in an office? No, she ____   doesn't
Does she have a bike? No, she ____.   doesn't
Does your ____ have a dishwasher?   kitchen
Dogs are ____ animals.   domestic
Don't eat this ____   food
Don't run ____ fast, wait for me!   too
Don't touch this book. It's ____.   mine
Don't worry, there's no need to answer ____.   immediately
Dove vai per prendere l'aereo?   Airport
Dove vai se devi riparare la macchina?   Mechanic