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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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Tell me ____ has won.   who
That landscape was one of ______ beautiful.   the most
That TV is out of order, it doesn't ______ .   work
The _____ wind is the Northern wind.   coldest
The author ______ we talk about is American.   that
The books were ______ .   theirs
The geographical discoveries ______ the end of the Middle Ages.   mark
The little children have often met in the courtyard where they _____ their time playing.   used to spend
The Nile river flows through Egypt and it receives two tributaries,____ the White Nile and the Blue Nile.   called
The Northern coasts of France are ______ the Channel.   limited by
The old lady ______ sitting on a stool on the left side of the chimney.   was
The station is on the ______ side of the road.   other
The tricolour flag ______ high on the palace since dawn.   has been shown
The Western coasts of France ______ often struck by strong storms.   are
The wonder ______ nature fascinates our souls.   of
There are ______ mistakes in your homework.   a lot of
These books and ______ are French.   those ones
They didn't know what to ______ .   say
This is ____ troubles me.   what
This is the old lady I was talking ___ yesterday evening.   to
This is the person about ____ we were talking.   whom
This is the road I pass ____ every day.   through
Those fields are more fertile ______ these ones.   than
Tim goes to primary school: he ______ with his little friend.   has a good time