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Elenco in ordine alfabetico delle domande di Lingua inglese

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I _____ already said it many times.   have
I ______ that book yesterday.   finished
I don't need anything ______ .   else
I gave _______ some advice.   them
I have ______ good news for you.   some
I have invited three friends ______ .   of mine
I have talked _____ about this business.   to him
If you are careful, you ______ have troubles.   will never
I'll be ______ home on Monday.   back
It is my book: give it _____.   back to me
It is the man we often talk _____ .   about
It is useful to do ______ ten minutes of gym exercises every morning.   at least
Italy has many cities: in the Northern _______ there is a continental climate.   ones
It's difficult to find ______ Italian coffee in England.   real
I've got little time and _____ work.   a lot of
I've told you_____ .   twice